02 February 2013

HAUL: Jam Studio Ribbon - Faux Leather Make Up Bag

A few weeks ago I was browsing on Ebay.com and I suddenly found this extremely adorable makeup pouch of the Korean brand: Jam Studio. They have a product line which is called Ribbon serie - on each item there is a small ribbon symbol on it. As a lot of you may know i'm a huge fan of bows & ribbons so I fell in love with it when i saw it. In today's blogpost I am going to show you my mini haul.

While I was looking at the pictures online I was curious how the quality would be. The quality of the products on Ebay aren't always good and pictures may lie sometimes so I was very curious. However, the quality was far better than my expectations! It's made of faux leather and the make up pouch is very sturdy. It looks exactly the same as on the pictures from the seller as well. As you can see, even the packaging is super adorable - it has white polka dots on it!

The make up pouch is black and it has golden details on it. This color combination makes it look classy and expensive.

I bought it on Ebay.com from the user: Dreamingidesign (link to the product) for $16,95 including free shipping. I think that the price is totally worth it! I'm sure that it would be much more expensive if they would sell this at retail stores. It looks way more expensive than $16,95! I also found the same product on the website www.designedbykorea.com, but they don't sell it in the color black anymore.

The product was shipped from South-Korea. It took around 2 weeks until i received it, which is quite long actually. The seller added a cute pencil with my purchase ^^, I always love useful and adorable freebies hahah.

This make up pouch is sold in other colors as well: hot pink, lavender purple, powder green and light brown (chocolate). All colors are super cute! I really couldn't choose at first but I wanted it to match with the rest of the items in my bag, which are all black.

Besides the make up pouch, there are many other items in this ribbon collection, such as photo album cases, a wallet, card holder, a mirror, a passport holder, a pencil case and a earphone winder. Check out some of the items below:

I really want the whole black collection o_o" it's just super cute and it looks chic as well! All items can be purchased on Ebay.com. Just type "Jam Studio" at the search area and you will find a lot of items of this Korean brand (link).

source pictures: seller page dreamingidesign.
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