04 February 2013

One 'n Only Curling Iron from BeautyStopOnline

Today I will be showing you an interesting curling iron. It's called the One 'n Only Argan Heat curling iron and it's produced by BabyLissPro. The online shop, Beautystoponline has sent me this for review purposes. I got it in 1 inch, but they do have other sizes, so you can check their large assortment out if you want to. To be honest, I was very upset when I received this curling iron. Why? I will let you know at the end of this blogpost. 
First, a short description about the curling iron. The reason why this curling iron is interesting is because it's infused with argan oil. Remember my blogpost about argan oil? (link to the blogpost).  The One 'n Only Argan Heat 1" Ceramic Curling Iron is a styling tool that let your hair shine while its also gentle on the hair. It eliminates frizzy hair and nourishes it naturally while styling, thanks to the argan heat. It also features Sol-Gel technology which is an unique process that uses a nano-based structure to deliver a higher concentration of Argan Ceramic. This process creates a high-gloss barrel surface that is 37% harder and 22% smoother than traditional irons. Because of all these benefits it made me wanted to try this curling iron.

You can purchase this curling iron at beautystoponline.com (link to the product). It's a LA based online shop where you can buy hair irons, nail polishes and other cosmetics. They sell this curling iron for $39,99. Beautystoponline offers free shipping to US citizens when purchasing more than $59 so you can easily add another product to get the free shipping :). If you are living outside the US, you do need to pay for shipping and you have to be carful for customs as well.

At the back of the packaging you can see a description of the curling iron. This curling iron is suitable for all hair types. The temperature that you should use depends on your own hair type. As you can see the curling iron can go up to 400ºF! All is stated clearly at the back of the packaging.

This curling iron also includes a small bottle of argan oil (7.4 ml). Great for one treatment I think :).

One inch is a great size to create medium large curls. At the top of the curling iron there is a black area where you can hold the curling iron while styling and without burning your fingers.
It comes with a useful stand, so you don't need to hold your curling iron all the time. You can also put it on your table at standing mode, do something else while waiting until its hot.

This curling iron has 30 variable heat settings and you can easily change it while sliding that button at the side of the curling iron. There is no LED screen where you can see how hot the curling iron is though. You can only see it on that button.

An easy ON and OFF button.

This curling iron seems great right? I was very curious if it would make your hair shine after using it. However, I didn't even get the chance to try it out. I was extremely upset when I opened the packaging of this curling iron. I was excited at first because I really wanted to try this baby. However when I opened the packaging I looked at the plug. As you can see THIS IS NOT AN EUROPEAN PLUG T_T". It wasn't clearly stated on their website which plug it had, so I didn't even think about it. I was assuming that there was an European plug included, BUT NO =.=!!!! I e-mailed the company about the situation but they weren't able to help me!!! Therefore I had to spent money on regulators. Believe me, those aren't cheap as well! A regulator is around €10.- or so and I can't even find one which fits this plug. I recently bought one, but it didn't work. *sigh.. Wasting my money on regulator sucks, with that money I could have bought a brand new curling iron with an EUROPEAN PLUG grrr... I'm still wondering how this curling iron is though.

Therefore, people who are living outside the US, think twice when buying curling irons online. Make sure you have the right regulator for it, otherwise you will be in the same situation as me.

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