28 November 2011

China Glaze - Blue Year's Eve #1021 Swatch

Today I'm going to show you some swatches of the nail polish: Blue Year's Eve #1021 from China Glaze. This is one of the nail polishes which is in the Let It Snow Collection 2011. Looks like a pretty blue right ^^?

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Brush is very good ^^. It's easy to apply the nail polish and it's not streaky at all! Not too thin, not too thick.

Does it chip fast?
It chipped approximately after 4 days. It really depends on your own nails, your activities how often you're using your hands, the top coat that you're using and the way you applied it. If you applied a thick layer of the nail polish, it will chip faster.

It's a shimmer blue nail polish. I'm loving the color ^^! It's so suitable for the Let it Snow collection :D.
It's so shiny!!! and I didn't even apply the top coat here o.o"!

I also applied one layer of China Glaze - Snow globe #842. Looks very pretty too ='D !

This product is sponsored by aiibeauty.com.


  1. Awww it's such a gorgeous, shiny blue! And it looks even prettier with Snow Globe on top :)

  2. wow, this is amazing!!!! ^-^

  3. This reminds me of the galaxy nail trend rn. I love it so much. ASTRONOMY FTW

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh I love it! What a great pairing of nail colors. Beautiful! :D

  5. ah pretty! i am glad blue polishes are back in .;)

  6. Hij is leuk, maar ik heb geen hoog HEBBEN gehalte.


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