Back from vacation!

Hi lovely followers ♥,
I'm finally back from vacation ^^, I'm sure that you didn't really notice it that I was away for a few weeks. I was in Hong Kong for two weeks and one week in Singapore. I'm still a bit tired, but I just wanted to tell you girls that I'm back and back to the blogging world ^^. I wrote a bunch of things on twitter while I was in Hong Kong & Singapore, so some of you (who are following me on twitter) already know where I was and where I went. Are you excited to see my blogposts about my trip ^____^?! I will write some blogposts about it soon with plenty of pictures of the places where I was, my hauls of course and the food ;). So, STAY TUNED!

This is a picture that I took in Hong Kong ^^. It's the HK Skyline ♥!

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