21 November 2011

China Glaze - Winter Berry #1018 Swatch

Yes yes, swatching another nail polish from the China Glaze - Let it snow collection again and this time it will be a red one! There are four red nail polishes in this collection and this is the lightest of the four.

Have you missed the previous China Glaze Swatch?
- Snow Globe #842 swatch

This nail polish is called Winter Berry and is #1018.
It's a bit too red on my pale skin, but I do like the color. It's a very elegant color.
Chips fast?
It did chip after 3 days. However, the chiping time can differ from every person. It depends on your nails, what you do with your hands and your top coat of course.

I'm curious how the other 3 red nail polishes are ^^. Do you like the color?

This product is sponsored by aiibeauty.com.


  1. i agree with you on the shade being elegant :)
    some reds are just too much but this one is a fair one.
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. that is a beautiful red!
    i like that it has a bit of pink in it. looks very rich and elegant on you. ;)

  3. ooh that's a perfect holiday colour! i love reds this season


  4. Ik ben niet zo dol op rood, maar ik vind 'm wel leuk!

  5. die is mooi zeg! :D Niet te schreeuwig! 

  6. OMG! I can't believe I didnt visit your blog for so long after focusing on homework!! your blog is one of the only blogs i only enjoy. ;) fun reading about your meetup with cheesie, who is also quite the character ;) the snowglobe would look great with a rad gradient i think and i always love ur swatches :D so festive. anyways had fun reading the previous posts!

  7. Ahwww thank you!! I really appriciate it ^^. good luck with school!! :D


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