26 November 2011

DIY: I've finally tried the Oatmeal Cleanser!

After I had seen the video from Bubzbeauty where she explained how to use Oatmeal as a cleanser, I directly wanted to try it out... however, I just didn't have the time to do it. Lots of Bloggers have tried it already and they all wrote a good review about it. It definitely attracted me to try it out myself because I'm still searching for a moisturizing cleanser which doesn't leave a tight feeling on my face. I recently had the time to try it and I have to say ..... well, just continue with reading ;).
Is oatmeal really good for my skin?
Yes it is! Oats removes the surface dirt and impurities, it gently exfoliates, it hydrates and soften the skin. It's a soothing and gentle cleanser and is perfect for people with dry skin and even for people with sensitive skin!

What did I use?
- 2 tablespoons of oatmeal
- lukewarm water
- a bowl

How to use?
1. Put two tablespoons of oatmeal on your hand.
2. Together with the oatmeal, clench your fist together and put it under lukewarm water. Leave some gaps so  the water can reach the oatmeal.
3. + 4. When you squeeze the oatmeal together you will get some milky liquid, you can put it in the bowl and apply it on your face. Oatmeal smells so good lol! If you want more milky liquid you can add more water to the oatmeal.

Apply the oatmeal on your face and it should look like the picture on the left. The oatmeal will exfoliate your skin and removes your impurities and dirt on the face.

My opinion
I really like this cleanser. It makes your skin quite soft afterwards, just how your skin has to be. I'm happy that I had the time to try this cleanser out (finally!). I probably will use this more often from now on. I do recommend this cleanser :D its making my skin soft and you won't need much ingredients, all you need is oatmeal and lukewarm water. That's it! Good cleansers doesn't have to be expensive xD! See how bubz use it in the video below:


  1. Oh deze kende ik niet!
    Wat een leuke tip, dit moet ik echt een keer proberen *_*
    Mijn huid is ook anti alles met enge ingrediënten ~.~

    (haha "screw bubble baths, oathmeal baths are better!" xD nieuwe tegeltjeswijsheid)

    Cotton Candy

  2. oe, dat klinkt erg nice! :D Waar kan je eigenlijk goedkoop oatmeal kopen?

  3. Naais! Eindelijk geprobeerd dus. Ik ben benieuwd... kheb ook nog geen tijd gehad =)

  4. nice! i like that is is simple and affordable.
    oatmeal is known to calm down irritated skin, i wann try this on my body first. :)

  5. This cleanse really is good.
    I tried it a long time ago and it left my skin really soft and glowing.


  6. nice!!! like lotion i use has oatmeal in it. oatmeal is soo yummy though with milk i have it many mornings, not sure ifim willing to sacrifice food heehee :D its best when you find a more natural solution to health problems, thanks for sharing!!

  7. i've heard so many things about this, i should really give it a go! time to buy some oatmeal!

  8. Ooooh I might try this one day if I have any oatmeal at home hmm.. xP

  9. Bijna bij elke supermarkt.... Ah kan je ook halen xD havermout is niet zo duur. Gaat meestal in grote pakken, dnk zelfs wel dat je het thuis hebt :p?

  10. I will definitely try this!!! Thanks so much for posting WITH PICS! Visuals truly do help. :D

  11. One recipe I try with oatmeal is that I put it in the blender so it gets like dust and won't fall off my skin when I apply it, and instead of water I use milk ;) it's a nice treat for the skin :)

  12. Yes, that's another way to use it and even a better way actually ^^. However, not everybody has a blender at home so I decided not to do that in the "how to use" part ;)

  13. thank you :D glad that this post helped.. let me know if you liked it ^^

  14. must buy !!! :D really nice cleanser

  15. jaaaa!! Zeker uitproberen :D !! maakt je huid lekker zachT ^^

  16. hmm, volgens mij wel ja :'d. Niemand eet het op omdat het zo droog is XD.


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