25 November 2011

My Favorite Fashion Youtubers

These are a couple of my favorite Fashion Youtubers. There are a lot of them and in this blogpost I'm going to show you my favorites! Some of them don't have many followers yet, but they are definitely worth to follow! The most important of fashion videos are mostly the quality of the video (HQ!), the type of fashion, lighting, the music, how the video is edited and the person who is in the video. When all of the above things are good, I usually will automatically follow that Youtuber.

1. Wendyslookbook
I just love her! I love her style, I love how she's like super happy in every video, the quality of her videos are always GOOD! The editing is awesome as well o_o"! Do I need to say more? She started on Youtube 9 months ago and has more than 83,000 subscribers already! Check this video out where she was in NYC together with Lindi, Bubzbeauty.

2. Clothes Encounters
Owners of this channel are Jenn and Sarah. They aren't sisters but good friends who likes fashion :). I totally love the style from Jenn the most and she looks so pretty in every outfit :D. Love the quality and the music in their videos too, nice taste of music! In the following video they will show ways to wear maxi skirts:

3. ChriselleLim
I remember that nobody liked her when her videos were shown on Michelle Phan's channel, but later she started with her own channel and everybody started to follow her since then. I have to say, I like her style :D. In the video below she will show a great alternative to get your wrinkles out when you're in a hurry in the morning. I still need to try this method out to see if it really works xD.

4. Mysecretloveaffair

This channel is owned by two sisters: Jessica and Debbie. They usually just show their OOTD's and share some make up looks on their channel. They don't have that much subscribers yet and you can def see that they are new, but I think that they will have more subbers in the future ;).

Who are your favorite Fashion Youtubers?


  1. thanks for sharing this. i don't really follow fashion youtubers, just some beauty ones, but i will check them out.
    btw, did you recently freshen up your blog? it looks really nice. maybe i didn't notice it before. ;)

  2. oe, die laatste kende ik nog niet! Maar de bovenste drie wel ^^. Die ziet er ook echt leuk uit! =D

  3. Leuke tips :) Ik ken de bovenste 3 wel, maar ik volg ze niet. Ik ben niet zo'n youtuber haha :p

  4. I don't usually follow YT fashionista's but I follow Chriselle on Twitter, love her style.

  5. Chriselle en Wendy volg ik allebei! Zo leuk!

  6. I love the first three youtubers! I wish there were more fashion gurus b/c I seriously dislike watching OOTD videos.

    You should definitely watch thefashioncitizen . They have similar video styles to clothesencounter. I admit I didn't like their video at first, but they really grow on you. LOL.. so cheesy.

  7. && I agree with the Chriselle comment. I thought her video on the michellephan channel were so... bland. But her new channel is so awesome with so many great outfit ideas!

  8. I will check it out when im back ^^!! thanks for recommending. :D

  9. omg~~ I love Wendy!! :D I wanna check out some of the other ones too! YAY :]

  10. you should check out "thefashioncitizen" if you like cloths encounters! their both pretty similar 

  11. yess, i heard that from a blogger that it's similar.. going to check it out soon :)


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