24 December 2010

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas!

Jingle bells, Jingle Bells.. Jingle all the way~ Only one day left and it's Christmas already ^_^ time flies don't you think? Christmas is seriously one of my favorite holidays ^__^! I love all the pretty lightings outside and people on the streets seems to be very happy during Christmas... or is it just me? lol
Found this picture at flickr.com
What did you wish for Christmas this year? In my family we don't buy Christmas presents anymore since we are all grown ups with a job and can buy things for ourselves :). But we DO celebrate it ^__^, we are all going to eat at home with the whole family. I was in Shanghai last year celebrating Christmas with my friends at a French restaurant. That was nice and fun though, but I'm happy that I can celebrate it with my family again this year ^__^.

How are you going to celebrate Christmas?


  1. Hehe. It's 1.07AM CHRISTMAS DAY already ^^"! heheh ;) and ahhh, even though we're all grown up ..we still buy presents = ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! We all opened it up a few hours ago since we usually open it up late Christmas eve night ;)!

    I got a whole lot of things that I absolutely love <3 ! Makeup, Bags, Perfume, Jewellery, Clothes!! ^-^"""

    I hope your day is awesomeeee. MERRY CHRISTMAS ELISAAA!!!!

  2. i celebrate Christmas with my family too..Merry Christmas..(",)

  3. Merry Christmas! We're gonna have Turkey and chill and watch Tv, and play board games and drink LOL!

  4. Merry christmas!

    we do celebrate christmas even there will be no present or maybe a very few.

  5. eatttttt ^_^ and watch movies with the fam~ the best kind of christmas for me~

  6. and o almost forgot! Merry Christmas Elisa!

  7. Is dat jullie kerstboom?!

    Ik moet werken man met kerst :( en we hebben niet eens een boom! *cries*

  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY ^____^♥! I hope you'll will have a great time =D !

    @Melody, Thank you melody ^__^!! I hope your day is awesome as well :D !

    @Nic nic, sounds like fun !! =D

    @petitechouxx, ahww. we don't give presents anymore here xD too old for that I quess =p

    @insideout elle, I always think that we all should celebrate xmas with family =D

    @jolanda, kleine lettertjes lezen =p hahaha ;) wij hebbe dit jaar ook geen kerstboom gezet =p Moest eigenlijk ook werken, maar vrij genomen :) we gaan wel met hele familie lekker luxe eten ^^ hihi..

  9. Merry Christmas !!

    Just a simple dinner with the fam tonight =)

  10. I think that's smart what your family does because it's quite true. If you really want something you'll just get it yourself. We still give gifts but of useful things like food and handmade crafts :)

    Your tree is GORGEOUS! :)

  11. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great day :-)

  12. merry xmas to you too ^^ !!

    @jenny, well, giving and receiving presents is fun too though =p cause you probably will get things that you really wanted to have ^^ or what you said: useful things :)

  13. Merry Christmas! That picture looks so warm and cozy. My family has a tradition of baking goodies together and eating haha.

  14. Merry x-mas to you too <3


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