23 December 2010

In love with Polaroid cameras ♥.

The item that I really really want for a long time is a Fujifilm Polaroid camera. My dad used to have one when I was little, but I don't know where it is now (To do list:  must search for it!). I really love it! You can just pull out your Polaroid camera, snap pictures and watch as the image slowly appeared in full vivid color o_o" oehh.. It's actually not that expensive, maybe around 150 euros? But it's those films which are making it darn expensive (1 euros per film). Since I can't buy it in Holland, I probably will buy this next year in Hong Kong ♥. (I don't want to buy this on Ebay) 
Picture found at flickr.com

I'm going to Hong Kong around mid 2011, so I still need to wait for a couple of months. Therefore I'm using this app as a "replacement" at the moment. It almost has the same effect as the normal polaroids xD. Follow these steps...
1. Go to http://www.poladroid.net/ and click on download at step 1. (don't worry, it's FREE!)
2. Launch the file and watch this video:

You can use this for MAC and Windows :). Easy and fun! All you have to do is drag a picture (doesn't matter how large the size is) to the polaroid camera. And you will get this effect:
Easy right? Have fun with this app lovely readers ^__^!
Do you love Polaroid cameras as well ^__^?


  1. Oh yes I do! I'm saving for the Instax-mini aswell ^^
    Happy Holidays!

  2. I've always wanted the Instax mini, but over here it costs well over a hundred to almost two hundred dollars. The films cost about a dollar each, and knowing me...I'll be using a lot of the films :(

  3. @Michelle, same here.. it cost around 150 i think, depends on which one you want. Yeah, I will use a BUNCH of films when I have that camera. It's such a big big investment =/

  4. I used to own one too hahah but sooner I ran out of films i just abandoned it ..too lazy to buy films lol its so fun! and i really like the new packaging. i was thinking about getting the brown one. it looks like a bulk of chocolate to me hehee

  5. Haha, cool! Bedankt voor de app! Polaroid was de eerste fototoestel in onze familie *_*
    En HK... =*.*= (Jaloers-jaloers-jaloers ^^)

  6. @Winnie, lololol chocolate xD I really love polaroids =D it's fun and the effect of the photo's are nice ^__^ I think that I will buy lots of films at first o_o and yesss me too, I will probably be too lazy to order them at ebay later =X

    @Mithin, You're welcome ^-^! hahah bij ons ook, maar kan de oude toestel niet meer vinden xD dus ik ga maar es ff op zoek :P

  7. I love polaroid cameras too! but yeah, I agree, so darn expensive to use + maintain D': hey I used that program for one of my photos on my blog too :P It's pretty goooood ^^

  8. @msfob, haha, I have been using this program for a while xD it's quite fun =P lol

  9. :)thank you for visiting my blog ^_^ I havent tried the tokidoki flat iron but I will update when I already tested it ^_^

  10. ^^" I love ittt!.
    I got the Polaroid 300 from Vu for my birthday this year ! :D http://www.melludee.com/2010/10/birthday-presents.html !

    And it's actually exactly the same as Fujifilm. Supposedly one bought it off the other? I forgot ! But yeahhhh <3

  11. Hoi!

    Leuk dat je hebt gereageerd op m'n blog :) Haha ik ken nog wel een paar Hollanders die ervan houden hoor, maar je hoort er inderdaad niet zoveel van.

    Wat een super mooi blog heb je, ziet er goed uit! Je hebt er een nieuwe volger bij :3

  12. i love polaroid camera! but i don't have one =.=

  13. @Malou, haha, ik ken er iig best weinig =p maar thanks for following ^o^!!!

    @petite, you should try that app which I posted ^^!

  14. @Melody, oh yeahhh, i saw that on your birthday post ^__^ hmm I think your polaroid is almost the same as the fujifilm ^__^ yours is cuteee =D love the red color !

  15. Ahhh zo'n polaroid ding is echt super <3
    Woow 1 euro voor 1 foto. Maar dat is het ook wel waard :)
    EN wat een vet programma!! Superkoel. Ga ik meteen downloaden (A)

  16. @Sam, jaaa is inderdaad echt leuk =D maar na lange duur is 1 euro per foto echt duuuuur.. want in het begin ga je het alleen testen en dus vooral flut foto's maken xD en dan ben je al snel al 10 euro kwijt =(

  17. Wow fantastische app, die wil ik!! Ik ga em meteen downloaden.
    Trouwens bedankt voor je comment op mijn blog ;-)


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