25 December 2010

Do you like E-cards?

It's still Christmas here so, I hope y'll enjoying Christmas at the moment ^__^ I've received many E-cards and text messages with Merry Christmas :). Thank you ❤! In these couple of years I've noticed that many people prefer to send E-cards more than normal Christmas cards.
Picture found at flickr.com , edited by memorable days.

I actually like both, E-cards or fun to watch, since you usually will see a video which is sweet or cute. Normal Christmas cards which you will get in your mailbox are fun as well :). The cards that I'm getting are usually funny or cute and you can put the cards around your Christmas tree then. However, I do know that some people think that E-cards are less personal...

So, my question to you is....
What do you like more: E-cards or normal Christmas cards?

E-cards like these are CUTE right xD?

Thanks Thaïs for sending me this one ^__^


  1. Ik vind normale kaarten leuker om te krijgen, omdat je de kaart ergens op kan hangen/leggen. E-cards zijn trouwens ook wel leuk hoor :D Het gaat uiteindelijk om het idee.

  2. @man teng, ja inderdaad, uiteindelijk gaat het om het idee ^__^!

  3. With Christmas, I prefer to send real cards :) but with birthdays I usually send an e-card :)

  4. I think I got tired of waiting for E-Cards to load after a while and scared that to click a few links that don't seem like E-Cards :(

  5. @Michelle, eek >.<" .. I never had that before, since I usually get ecards from hallmark o.O But i can picture your situation.. =/ i wouldn't even open the emails then.

  6. i like regular cards so i can put them into a scrapbook:) hope you had a great christmas!!

  7. I def prefer real cards ^^;; Plus getting a mass email e-card seems so...lazy and impersonal :P

  8. Thank u so much for ur blessing!!! Merry Xmas sweetie!!!

    Btw the bb cream sample is for singaporeans only but if you are keen i can send you my share!!!

    let me know if you want them u can email me at dblchin@hotmail.com

  9. hello hello ^__^

    hehe I like both, but I like the old school paper ones more because I think they're more personal :P you know with actual handwriting and all that, hehe. And you know the the paper cards won't die like the e-card links would XD hahaa. Hope you had a great Christmas :)

  10. Hello! Would you like to follow each others blogs? :) Happy New Year! >.<

  11. I prefer physical cards <3
    And I would've sent you one if I had done them in time T-T"! I only managed to send out cards to people in Australia ..cos I sent it out ......yesterday ;A; ! hahahaha ~! I'll write you a letter sooon heheh xo

  12. @dblchin, ahwwww, that's so sweeeet !!!!

    @Frances, That's creative and personal :) I like those as well, but I don't know many people who does that.. Most of my friends are kind of lazy =p lol

    @Melody, ahww, that's ok ^__^ hahah. I'm way too late sending the cards this year as well >.<" But I only send it to friends in Holland :)


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