26 December 2010

Lovely Christmas Dinner

Did you all had a nice Christmas?

I had a nice Christmas dinner with my family today at my sisters place ^__^! *nom*nom*nom* lobsters... *burb* I'm way too full at the moment. I'm always eating way too much during holidays =P. I seriously need to go to the gym again next year lol. (I'm saying that every year haha)

And of course my baby nephew was there as well ^__^. My sister bought Elmo and Cookiemonster from Sesame street for him. Isn't he CUTEEEEE =D?

Lol, you can see that I'm extremely obsessed with him xD. I'm typing way too much blogposts about him, more than about myself xD w00ps, sorry =X



  1. Aw your nephew is so cute! He likes cookie monster and elmo. too cute!

  2. Yesss, my nephew was talking to them lol, it was so cute xD

  3. Aww your nephew is adorable hehe. Hope you enjoyed your holidays! :)

  4. aw well i understand why~ he's so cute ^_^!

  5. @Rinny, Thank you Rinny ^__^ i hope you enjoyed yours as well :)

    @Elle, yessss <3 he's like my new TV lol, I can watch him for daysss xD

  6. AHhhhhhh the nephewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3<3 so adorableee ^^" ! And hehe the Christmas dinner looks yummm xo

  7. Happy holidays <3
    Aww your nephew first X-mas! By the way are you Chinese/canton? o:

  8. @Mei, happy holidays^^!! No I'm chinese/hakka. But I can speak cantonese fluently as well ;) and you?

  9. Omg too cute XD I wish I had a nephew like him!


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