12 May 2013

My Life in Pictures: Amsterdam is Gorgeous!

Hi sweeties... Here is another my life in pictures blogpost ^^. My instagram is almost like my diary, you can see what i'm doing and what i've eaten, where i went et cetera. And guess what, like any other asian instagram accounts 70% of the pictures are pictures of food hahaha. I just love to try out different cuisines, try not to get hungry ok? Follow me on instagram if you haven't done so already, my username is kawaiipeachies there and i almost post every day.
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In the picture below you can see a few Korean dishes. I went to a Korean restaurant in Amsterdam called Yokiyo. You can grill, order a la carte or let them surprise you with a mystery menu. I was stupid enough to choose the last one but oh well, the food wasn't that bad =). The Korean cuisine sure is getting more popular nowadays.

A few weeks ago there was a fair in Amsterdam and a few friends of mine decided to go on the ferris wheel. Who is afraid of heights huh? I'm not that afraid lar, it was only 40 meters high lol. I loved the view and the weather was gorgeous, Amsterdam is so lovely!

You've probably seen this H&M haul already, since i blogged about it a week ago or so (link to blogpost). I'm so in love with this peplum top and the necklace is my current favorite accessory haha. I also posted about my Spring roses nail art, have you seen the tutorial?

Together with one of my best friends, I went shopping at Almere where the largest Primark of The Netherlands is located. We did some serious shopping there and came back with a huge bag with clothing ^^ haul 1, haul 2. We went to a Chinese restaurant afterwards to have some dim sum, we ordered so much but we were like monsters and ate it all hahaha.

During the weekends I always blog, in the pictures below i was taking pictures for the Holika Holika Aqua petit jelly bb cream review and the skin food rice mask review.

I went to the opening day of the Rijksmuseum with my old classmates. This museum was closed for 10 years and they finally opened it again. We did wait for 1 hour before we could get inside, but the weather and atmosphere were so nice, so we didn't mind the long waiting time. It's the museum where you can see the famous painting of Rembrandt that is called De Nachtwacht. The Dutch Queen was there in the morning too but my friends and i decided to go later to avoid the crowd.

In the right picture below you can see a huge cherry blossom tree. I went to a Japanese restaurant in Utrecht and saw this huge tree in the middle of the restaurant. It was huge and fake but still pretty!

I hope you liked this blogpost. Until next time girls! <3 
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