23 April 2013

Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB - Twofacemall

Finally! I am able to get my hands on this bb cream! This bb cream has been going around Youtube ever since Michelle Phan mentioned it in one her favorites video. That's also when I heard about this bb cream for the first time. It's called the Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream of the brand Holika Holika. This bb cream is famous because of its jelly texture, nice finish, moist feeling and coverage. Sounds too good to be true right? Lets test it out to see if it really does what it claims shall we?
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream (40ml) is water-based and has a jelly texture that helps to spread evenly and smoothly across the face and gives your skin a full hydration experience. It contains mint water that makes your skin moist, water shine pearls that makes your skin glow-y, while marine jelly complex gives it that soft and bouncy feel. It contains vitamins and minerals for an overall healthier skin. Also, it includes SPF 20 PA++ so you are able to wear it during Summer as well.

You can purchase this bb cream at www.twofacemall.com (link to the product) for $19,90. It's one of my favorite stores which sells Korean make up and skincare products. Twofacemall recently changed their layout and they have added a lot of new products, so check it out if you haven't. They also have a point system so you are able to collect points after every purchase. Collect lots of points to get a discount on your next order. When registering you are going to get 2USD for free (register here).

What I also like about this store is that they are offering worldwide free shipping, so no need to worry about high shipping costs! I also didn't have to pay for customs so i was super happy when i received the package hihihi ^o^~.

The bb cream has an aqua blue packaging with Korean as well as English descriptions on it. It comes with a heavy glass jar with a screw on lid, which has got a spatula on it. I always prefer a squeeze tube since its more hygienic and easier to use. However, a good thing about this packaging is that you are able to get all product out of it.

It also includes this white sponge, to make it easier for you to apply it. You can use either this, your fingers or a foundation brush. The sponge worked for me, but its quite large and it absorbs quite a lot of product.
If you look inside the jar, you can actually see that its water based and the jelly-like kind of texture. The texture is a mix between a jelly and a normal bb cream. It's the first time that i've seen a bb cream like this, so cool though o_o! However, the bb cream is a bit hard to spread compared to other bb creams that i've tried (like the dr. jart+ bb creams or missha). I always double check to see if i have any residue of the bb cream (make up strokes) on my face before i leave the house.

This bb cream has a light floral scent, which is not overwhelming. Though i think it would be better if it was scentless.
A huge list of ingredients... click on the picture to get a better view.
It feels light on the skin. The coverage is sheer. It doesn't cover up spots, freckles or dark circles but it will even out your skin tone if you have discoloration/redness. You do need a concealer if you have more imperfections. You can also build the bb cream up, but it can look a bit cake-y if you apply too much. This bb cream has a quite unique finish. Once you apply this, it leaves a matte finish but after a few hours it will look dewy, leaving a natural finish, i like it ^^! This product feels moist on the face but it somehow accentuates my dry patches and it sits in the fine lines making it appear more. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize before you apply this baby.

This bb cream comes in two shades: #1 aqua beige and #2 aqua neutral. Since my face turned extremely pale during the cold days, i needed a shade #1. I think that this bb cream would be even suitable for people with shade NC10. I'm between NC15 and NC20 at the moment and this shade is slightly too light for me, but i think that #2 would be too dark. Both has a yellow undertone.
Overall, it's a great bb cream which is most suitable for people with a normal, combination dry, dry or combination oily skin type. I'm in love with the finish of this bb cream. The longer you wear it, the more natural it looks. However, I do wish they created a better packaging and i wish it had a better coverage.

LOL, This is what i do when i have great lighting in my room, camwhore, camwhore, camwhore hahaha... I'm quite positive about this bb cream and i can see why everybody is loving it. If you are interested, visit www.twofacemall.com.
note: this product was sponsored for review purposes. read my disclaimer for more info.
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