25 April 2013

Review: MAC Brush Cleanser

I think most of you have seen this product at a MAC counter or at other beauty blogs before. It's not a new product and a lot of beauty gurus are using it. Eventhough its not a new product, I still want to share my thoughts about it. I've been using this brush cleanser for quite some time now and i'm in love with it! This cleanser made it so much easier for me to clean my brushes.

The MAC Brush Cleanser disinfect, cleans and condition the brush fibres so that brushes will last longer. It is convenient to use and is specifically designed to extend the life of high quality brushes. This cleanser will leave your brushes smelling fresh and clean and helps shorten their drying time. This is definitely noticeable!

Why don't you just use babyshampoo to clean your brushes? 
I've been using baby shampoo ever since i started using make up brushes. It took so long to clean it and the drying time was so long. I'm really happy with this product since the drying time is so short and it's so fast and easy. I used to clean it once a week or once twice a week. I know, so gross! and it's not hygienic at all! But yeah, i'm just lazy. After i bought this product i am cleaning my make up brushes way more often.

You can purchase it at any MAC Counter, MAC store or online at www.maccosmetics.com. It's sold for €11.- there for a 235 ml bottle. The price ain't that high and you will get quite a lot of product too.  People in The Netherlands can also purchase it at www.douglas.nl and they offer free shipping. This is the place where i bought it. I received the product the next day, which means that shipping is super fast. I really don't like their service at their store so i rather purchase things on their website.

As you can see the product is pink and it comes with a plastic bottle. To be honest i don't really like the opening of the bottle. They should have made a spray bottle! The current opening really sucks. It drips so you will waste a lot of product! It was so irritating so I bought a small spray bottle at my local drugstore (this was around €1.- or something) and i poured some MAC Brush Cleanser in it. This made it so much easier for me to apply the cleanser on my makeup brushes and you won't waste any of it.

Yes it does contain alcohol in it to disinfect the brushes. The scent of the cleanser is fresh but you can definitely smell alcohol. It doesn't really bother me since its not too overwhelming.

Apply some brush cleanser on damp makeup brushes. Below you are able to see my gel eyeliner pencil and my eyeshadow brush. Work through the brushes - go back and forth with your brush on a tissue or cotton pad and they are clean!

• Makes the brushes very clean
• Drying time is short
• The bristles stays great
• Affordable and you will get a lot of product
• You can use it on any brush, it even works on gel eyeliners!
• The product smells fresh and doesn't have a overwhelming scent

• The opening of the bottle ain't good
• You can only buy it at MAC Counters/shops, not sold at drugstores

I highly recommend this brush cleanser, especially to the people who has tons of make up brushes. It's fast, makes it clean and i'm just so amazed by the short drying time. I will definitely repurchase this when i'm done with this bottle.

my question to you: 
Have you tried this cleanser before? What do you use to clean your brushes? 

note: this product was purchased with my own money.
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