22 April 2013

The Perception of Beauty

The video in this blogpost has been going around on Twitter for the past few days and I wanted to share it with my readers as well. Some of you might say: "omg how fake, this is just another commercial from Dove". Yes it is a commercial, yes it is probably fake, but we musn't forget the message that they wanted to bring with the commercial. It has a touching message in it - a message that most of us forget.

It's an interesting and beautiful video showing the differences between our own perception of ourselves, compared to how others see us. I was always curious how other people look at me and how my first impression was to others. We see the flaws, every little detail where others cannot. Just look at the video below and you will understand what i'm talking about.

The impressions of ourselves is worse than what people really see us as. You are prettier than you think. This serves as a reminder that we shouldn’t be as hard on ourselves as most of us often are.

my question to you:
What are your thoughts after watching this video?
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