13 May 2013

Review: The Face Shop CC Cream from W2Beauty.com

I've been wanting to try this CC Cream after I saw some reviews on Youtube. If you don't know what CC Creams are, read my blogpost about it first. Today I will be reviewing the Color Control Cream of the Korean brand The Face Shop. I got it in shade #01 radiant beige. Continue with reading if you are interested and i've added some before and after pictures at the end of the blogpost!

The Face it CC Cream is a color-controlling cream that brightens the complexion. It creates a radiant and clear make up appearance as if the skin is being spotlighted. It offers wrinkle care, whitening and it has SPF 30 PA++ (triple function!). There is 20g/0.70 oz of product in it. It also claims to last 12 hours. This CC cream comes in two shades: #01 radiant beige and #02 natural beige. Lets see if it really does what it claims ok?

You can purchase this CC Cream at www.w2beauty.com (link to the product). W2Beauty is an online shop where you can purchase a lot of Korean products, from skincare to make up products. Their assortment is really huge, so make sure to check it out. They offer worldwide free shipping and they always give free samples with every order. For my order it took around 1-2 weeks before it arrived here in The Netherlands. Also on this website you are able to collect coins to get a discount on your next order. You can even join their affiliate program! Register here if you are interested ^^!

The packaging is pink/grey-ish and it has Korean as well as English descriptions on it. Most of the CC Creams that i've seen comes in a tube but this one is quite unique as it comes in a plastic compact. It's easy to open and it has a mirror and a sponge.

On the box it explains that you are able to refill the cc cream. Say what? Refill? Yes, refill! It looks so useful and i've never seen this before o.o i'm pretty amazed haha.
In the picture below you are able to see the compact.

On the back of the compact there is an expiration date, yes like i said before in an old blogpost, make up can expire!

I'm really loving the colors of the packaging, it has soft pastel colors ^^.

This is how the sponge looks like. I normally don't use it since it will absorb a lot of product. I normally just use my fingers or my f80 sigma brush to apply this cc cream.

When you remove the sponge, you will see this sticker below which says: "remove the sticker before use".

When you have removed the sticker, you will see a small hole in the middle of the compact. This is the spot where the cc cream comes out. Just press on the button where my finger is and the cc cream will come out. If you are going to use it for the first time you need to press 4-5 times in order to get the cc cream out.

And this is how it looks after you've pressed one time (see picture below). It's a pea size amount, doesn't seem a lot but this was actually enough for half of my face.

INGREDIENTS - click on the picture below for better quality.

This CC cream does have a scent but it's a very pleasant one. I normally don't like scented products but this light floral scent is just divine. It's not overwhelming and it just smells so fresh! You are not able to smell this scent when you have this cc cream on your face, you will only smell it when you apply it.

As I said before, I got it in shade 01 which is radiant beige. It looks yellow and the consistency is medium thick, but it's still easy to spread. I am shade NC15 and it matches my skin tone perfectly. I was scared that this cc cream would be too dark on me, but it adapts to my own skin tone. The finish is dewy and it creates a radiant, healthy glow on my skin which i totally love!

The reason why I wanted to try this CC cream in particular is because of the coverage. Normally, CC creams are very sheer, but this one has a medium coverage, which is a plus! YAY!

Oh my... it's the first time showing my "naked face" to you all haha. On the before picture i applied some eye make up and eyebrow pencil, but i didn't apply anything on my face. I normally use bb cream to cover the redness around my nose and my dark freckles around my eyes and cheek area. Well this is the look before i applied the cc cream and after, coverage is not bad huh (pictures aren't photoshopped) :

It evened out my skin tone and no redness was visible anymore! As you can see it gave me that healthy glow that i love. You were still able to see my freckles but it's less obvious than before. I only applied one coat (which is 2 pumps) in the picture above. I think one coat is enough, since it has a medium coverage. You really don't need much product. I don't recommend to apply more since it can look cake-y. My T-zone tends to get oily quickly, so if you've got the same problem, make sure to apply powder afterwards. This cc cream stayed on my face for around 4 to 5 hours or so.

• covers redness, makes your scars and freckles less visible
• evens out the skin tone
• has a dewy and radiant finish, creating a healthy glow
• hygienic & strong packaging
• cc cream feels light on the face
• you can refill the cc cream
• it adapts to your own skin tone
• lovely fresh floral scent
• stays on the face for around 5-6 hours
• moisturizing, great for people with a dry skin type
• it doesn't accentuate dry spots
• offers wrinkle care, whitening and SPF

• a bit expensive for a cc cream
• you can't see how much cc cream you have left
• you can't buy it everywhere
• only comes in 2 shades

I've been using this cc cream for a week and it sure has become my favorite product at the moment! I'm just so in love with the dewy finish and the coverage is just right for me. I was searching for a moisturizing product that could even out my skin tone for so long! I've finally found it YAY! A lot of bb creams and foundation that i've tried accentuates my dry spots but this cc cream doesn't do that at all. Also i just loveeee the scent of this product, it's so fresh!

However, since i have a combination dry skin, i noticed that it's not a great product for people with an oily skin type. After a few hours it will look extremely oily, oily and dewy at the same time actually. Though i'm sure powder or blotting papers would help a lot, so make sure to use that every 2 hours or so.

BUY if you are looking for a dewy cc cream with a medium coverage. Highly recommended to people with a dry skin type. If you are searching for a product that evens out your skin tone, covers the redness on your face and makes your acne scars less visible - this is the product for you! NO BUY if you have a really oily skin or just don't like a dewy finish.

If you are interested, make sure to check out www.w2beauty.com and register here.

*note: this product was sent to me for review purposes
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