13 April 2012

My Life in Pictures - Living the good life

These are the pictures that I took last week :). Below you can see my NOTD which is from the Paris Sucré Bourjois collection. I reviewed it in one of my previous blogposts before, click here. Also, I went to a Japanese restaurant to have some sushi with some friends in Amsterdam ^^ ohhh I can eat sushi EVERY DAY! Yumm... I took some snaps of Amsterdam while I walked to the restaurant. Enjoy the pictures that I took with my iphone ^^.

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Amsterdam is pretty
I love salmon sushi !

Remember this? Good old times..
BB Nephew,  CUTE!!
Received some products from SASA, curious!
My view at work

Favorite cookies!


  1. Ah lekker, al dat eten! Schattig neefje heb je ook!

  2. May I ask which app you use to edit your photos :)? I really like the filters, the colors are so pretty.

  3. Nice pixx!!! I assume they r from instagram? mine: HitomiNeko 


    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  4. i use a lot actually, but often just the instagram filters ;) i will write a blogpost about it later :) 

  5. lovely pictures:) ur nephew is so cute!

  6. Leuke foto's ^^ So cute is jouw neefje :D 

  7. I hate you. I'm craving sushi so bad right now. lol :P

  8. thank you haha.. he's so chubby xD

  9. dank je welll :D echt een cutieee!!

  10. I hate youuu, cuz you made me wanna eat korean food after seeing your food pictures on instagram hahaha.. 

  11.  dammit........ okay, we're even. haha

  12. Oh, the sushi looks delicious! I love salmon too <3
    Amsterdam does look so pretty, it looks like a picture you'd find on a postcard :)

  13. whoaa i'm a hugeee salmon freak hahaha xD must visit amsterdam when you have the chance in the future ;)

  14. What a beautiful nail color :) Yes Amsterdam is such a beautiful place... Ive never been there but Ive got good friends in Holland so I need to go there sometime :)
    What a cute lil nephew btw :)

  15. You bb nephew is SO cute! I love those cookies! I used to eat them a lot when I was a kid

  16. Super leuke foto's ik volg je trouwens vanaf nu via bloglovin,
    volg je me terug? xx

  17. yesss. all from instagram.. i thought that i already followed you there xD??

  18. Hee echt leuke blog! Ik heb ook instagram en vind je foto's echt super leuk
    maar ook leuk bewerkt. Kan je me de app vertellen die je gebruikt om al die rondjes en
    hartjes aan je foto's te voegen. Ik zag dat je zei dat je er een review op zou zetten op je
    blog, maar ik wacht al tijdje en nog geen gezien :p. Dus zou ik alleen de naam van die app
    mogen hebben ^^ Thaaaaanks :D



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