15 April 2012

Review: Cosmos blotting paper

I always have blotting papers in my bag since my T-zone gets oily very quickly. I purchased the Cosmos blotting paper while I was in Hong Kong. I bought it for 8HKD or something at a Chinese drugstore lol, so cheap right?! But do they work??? I actually have never tried blotting papers before which didn't work. It just does his job: removing oil. However, as you all know, the oil will just come back after a few hours.. so yeah, these blotting papers aren't anything special. The material is ok :) it's not rough and it feels ok on the skin. What I do like about these blotting papers is the packaging. You can easily refill it with blotting papers of other brands :).


  1. Ik hou van blotting papers! Perfect voor de zomer enzo :)

  2. ik heb het echt altijd nodig xD zelfs in de winter

  3. Ik kan ook niet zonder blotting papers!


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