21 December 2011

China Glaze - Ring in the Red #1019 Swatch

In today's blogpost I'm going to show you a China Glaze nail polish swatch which is called Ring in the red #1019 from the Let it snow holiday collection 2011. I'm totally in love with this nail polish, it's glittery and glowy, very suitable for the holidays! Check it out!

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Nail polish
The nail polish bottle is like all the other China glaze nail polishes, nothing special :).
It has a good brush which is easy to apply, not streaky at all and the brush is not too thin and not too thick.
I applied 3 coats to create a good finish. Quite a lot though, but I think it's good that this nail polish is sheer because you can apply this glittery nail polish on top of any other nail polish. You can even create my Christmas party nail art with this polish ^___^.
I totally love the color of this nail polish!!! I took a close up (see picture below) so that you can see the large and small glitters, so pretty right?! I love the glow as well ^___^!
Does it chip fast?
It didn't chip fast, took around 5 days? It does depends on your own top coat and how thick you've applied it ;). However, it really sucks to remove this nail polish since there are lots of glitters on it >.<". It took a while before I could remove it all with my nail polish remover.

This nail polish is sponsored by aiibeauty


  1. Tof! Jammer dat ie alleen een beetje see trough is! :(

  2. oh wow this shade is gorgeous!

  3. sucha  lovely color for the holidays!

  4. This one is really pretty. Surprised it lasted so though long! I  had such an issue removing one polish with lots of glitter... I haven't worn glitter polish since. XD

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  6. yesss i know what you mean. i totally loveeee glittery nail polish but it's totally annoying when you have to remove it =(

  7. die is echt mooi ;o. Mooier dan die van essence die vind ik namelijk te druk xd

  8. This is such a perfect color for the holidays :] I love it! Come join my BURT'S BEES giveaway if you have the chance!



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