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I noticed that I haven't done any tag posts for a while, so I decided to do one today :). This time I got tagged by sweet Melody and it's called 10 things I like tag ^__^. The rules: you need to name 10 things that you like and tag 10 people when you're finished. It wasn't hard to think of 10 things though since I love a lot of things hehehe ^=^! I'm going to name them in no particular order, here we go:

1. Nail art
As y'll know I love to do nail art. It's fun to combine nail polishes, create some new designs and it's also fun to share my creations with you girls ^___^. In the picture below you can see one of my creations which I call the Snow Fairy Nail art. Would you like to see more of my creations? Click on Nail art to see more.

2. Sushi 
SUSHIIIIII, I can eat it EVERY day!! Maybe, I should just move to Japan hahah ='D. My favorites are salmon nigiri's and maki's! I even work at a Japanese restaurant lol ^o^. In the picture below you can see some homemade sushi's that I made a month ago ^^. I'm still a noob, so please don't judge haha.

3. Accessories
Can you remember my current favorite accessories blogpost? Yes I love accessories and especially accessories with bows and ribbons! I still have a bow-obsession ^o^~ everything which has a bow on it, I will usually buy it because it looks cute =3. Do you have that obsession as well?

4. Ipod - Music
I love to listen to music! I listen to Korean, Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) and English songs. When I go outside I will always carry my Ipod with me. I have this Ipod for a long time now, almost 4 years? and it still looks great ^^ it only has a few scratches. I love the red color and also because it's from the special (PRODUCT) RED edition.

5. Dariya fringe pad
My ultimate favorite beauty gadget, which is called the hair magic sheet. I'm using it every day because it's just easy to work with and my fringe won't get into my eyes anymore because of this ^___^.

6. Green tea
Green tea is my favorite drink! The taste is good, it's good for your health and people say that you're able to lose weight by drinking a lot of green tea haha xD.

7. Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid hydrating face lotion
Can you remember my review about it? Go to my previous blogpost to read the review. I bought a large bottle of this hada labo product a few weeks ago and it has become my NUMBER ONE product at the moment! I highly recommend this to all of you and I will post a part 2 review about it soon ^^.

8. My baby nephew
People who have been following my blog for a while know that I have a baby nephew ^^. I posted something about him a few months ago: when he was 3 months. He's 8 months now~ the whole family seems to be happy when he's around ^^. He's so adorable and he makes everybody laugh so easily. All my stress & worries will go away while playing with him. My sis bought a tigger suit for him hahah, so cute right ^o^?!

9. Lip balms
I'm using lip balms every day to keep my lips moisturized. These are products I cannot live without >.<". I normally use Vaseline lip balms because they have the most hydrating lip balms I know. I'm only using the EOS lipbalm because of the scent and packaging lol. I did a review about these products before.

10. Korean drama, Taiwanese series and Cantonese series
I'm a big big drama addict. I love to watch series when I'm at home ^^. I'm recently more addicted to Kdramas. The series: playful kiss, secret garden, 49 days and dream high are my favorites and I'm watching City hunter with Lee min ho at the moment ^^. Which one is your favorite?

I hope you enjoyed reading my 10 likings. Now it's time to tag 10 other people to do this tag as well. I'm tagging: Suzy, Joey, Vicky, Rinny, Mei, Fiona, Tezza, Emi, Elle, Jennifer.

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