Current favorite accessories- Bows obsession [Part 1/2]

Since two years ago I started to have this.... obsession- bow obsession >.<" .. Really, everything which has a bow on it, I think it's cute and I will usually buy it lol. Some people who went shopping with me would have noticed it hehehhe.. Just a simple, plain top or shirt can be super cute if you just add a small bow on it =p. And that's why i have tons of items at home with ribbons & bows, like clothes, shoes, bags and accessories XD. These are a few of my accessories which are currently my favorite ones (Part 1):

I bought these two rings and the necklace at a jewelry store in Shanghai ^_^ It's a pity that I forgot the name of the store =[ BOWSSSS ahhh I LOVE IT! Aren't these cuteeeeeeee ♥_♥?
My question to you: Do you have an obsession like this one as well?

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