23 June 2010

Protect your lips with ....

Vaseline (pocket size)
A nice product for males and females! I'm sure that you know the brand Vaseline right? It can be bought all over the world. Have you seen these pocket versions, they are so small and cute xD!

Pink: Rose and almond oil
Yellow: SPF 15 (sun protection)
Green: Aloe vera
Blue: Standard version

Yes, I've got all four of them but I'm only using two. You can definitely see which one I'm using the most l0l xD. Yes the yellow one, because it has SPF 15. My lips got sunburned once (it was 30 degrees! omg) and that wasn't fun at all!!! So, I started to use the yellow version because of the sun protection. Besides the yellow one, I'm also using the standard (blue) version. I actually like all versions, the green version smells like bubblegum xD and the pink version just gives you pink lips =)


  1. yeah thank you^^
    I have made this bow by following this tutroial: http://chaigyaru.com/how-to-tie-a-gyaru-bow-with-scarf/

  2. I've seen these on other blogs, but I don't think they have this in the U.S. boo...I wanted to try it. lol

  3. @leenda, I thought that its only sold in Europe, not sure though~ which one would you like to try =)?

  4. Aww what a shame that these goodies aren't sold in Malaysia :(

    How do you like the yellow one so far? Does it have a weird sunscreen smell?

  5. Sunscreen smell? No not at all! I really like the yellow version, its just like the original one but the only thing which is different is that it has spf15 :)
    Thats why i've put this item in the give away^^


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