25 June 2010

Geo Circle lenses from Pinkyparadise #2

Remember these two posts?
- http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/05/geo-circle-lenses.html
- http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/05/geo-tri-color-green-from.html

Yes! I've ordered a pair of circle lenses again from pinkyparadise.com . Down here on the pictures, you can see 5 pair of circle lenses. No, not all of them are mine xD my sisters have also ordered some. This time I've only ordered Geo Nudy Grey (CH-625). I'll review it later^^, so stay tuned!


  1. nice! circle lenses are the best!

  2. I've been wanting to try circle lenses for so long! Do they look pretty natural in real life? I don't want people looking at me funny lol. And those contact cases are adorable <3

  3. It really enlarges your eyes, but it doesn't look scary~ it actually depends on which one you're going to buy and it depends on your own eyes.
    If your eyes are small, people will notice the color and the enlargement but its less dolly like.

    If you have large eyes it really will stand out, and its more dolly like and this can look freaky sometimes^^

  4. I love Geo lenses :)

    Did those contact cases come with your order free of charge ? Or did you have to pay extra for it :) ?

  5. nope, didn't have to pay extra for it ^^ its free of charge when I ordered my lenses! For each pair of lenses you will get a free contact case ^^

    I really like them =D its cuteeee

  6. zijn dat maandlenzen of jaar?

  7. Jaar :), het is best cheap voor jaarlenzen ^^

  8. Haha my eyes are more on the smaller side, so I guess it won't look too freakish on me

  9. Oooh please please take pics with the nudy grey!! I'm thinking of getting those. I love my nudy blue. And you're right, if you have big eyes it's more dolly. My eyes are so small and slanted, there's no room to see a "dolly" effect.. only the color effect which I like!

  10. @sophia, I will try to make pictures soon, i haven't tried it on yet xD (didn't have the time for it) i'm also very curious how it looks like XD

  11. awesome! I think I have the same ones! :) I love em!


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