20 October 2013

2 Winners of the ToFebruary Giveaway!

I know that a lot of you are excited about this! In this blogpost I'm going to announce the 2 winners of the ToFebruary giveaway! I saw that there were over 9500 entries, that's definitely a huge record. I had never received so many entries before. Thankfully I had help from my friend random.org who chose the 2 winners for me. If you haven't won, don't be sad... make sure to wait for my next giveaway, since that will also be korean-show related haha! Ok... are you ready? *drumrolls please*


CAITLIN who won the pig rabbit doll 
Melissa Poon who won the Infinite bracelet 

I will e-mail you 2 within 3 days, make sure to check your inbox and spam mail. Thank you all for joining the giveaway and thank you Tofebruary for this amazing collaboration ^^. Have a nice day and I will talk to you soon! x.

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