28 September 2013

Review: ToFebruary KDrama & KPop Items + GIVEAWAY!

Kpop & Kdrama lovers, you are going to love this blogpost ^^ haha! Today I'm going to share my thoughts about this shop called ToFebruary.com and I'm also hosting a giveaway for them today. Yes, GIVEAWAY TIME ^o^! ToFebruary is an online store which sells Asian-, Korean- and Japanese fashion, Korean drama collectibles and KPOP merchandise! They ship worldwide and if you're living in the US, you're lucky since the shipping cost is only $1 for you! I don't think that there are many stores that sell those items, right? Do you want to know what you are able to win today? Keep on reading!

First I would like to share my thoughts about this store. They sent me a few items for review purposes and I was able to choose the products myself. Here we go:

I'm not a huge Infinite fan, but i do like some of their songs. I saw a cute Infinite bracelet at ToFebruary and I just had to have it haha. In case you don't know who Infinite is, here is one of their songs.

The bracelet is made of titanium steel and it's suitable for everybody since it's resizable. It's sold for $18 at their store (link to the product). And guess what, they also have BIGBANG and 2NE1 bracelets!

YES SIR, I'M ONE OF A KIND! Haha, I love this shirt ^^ the quality is great as well. Unfortunately they didn't have the shirt in small but medium seems to fit me as well. It's sold for $28 at ToFebruary (link to the product), you gotta be quick if you want this shirt since it's sold out fast! Want to see my OOTD with this shirt? GO HERE!

Besides asian clothing and KPOP merchandise products, they also sell cute accessories. I saw a cute heart ring while scrolling through their accessory section and I just had to have it ^^. It's resizable and sold for $8 there (link to the product) yeah i gotta say, this is a bit pricey.

The item that I really really wanted for YEARS is this pig rabbit doll from Kdrama You're Beautiful. I was super happy when I saw this doll at their store haha.

Can you still remember this scene ^^?
This is sold in size small for $20 and it's super cuteeeee (link to the product). GUESS WHAT GUYS?! YOU ARE ABLE TO WIN THIS PIG RABBIT DOLL!

Today I will be giving away the Pig Rabbit doll and an Infinite bracelet! Each prize will go to one winner, so there will be two winners in total. The giveaway will close on the 12th of October at night (European time).  The giveaway is open internationally, but there are a few rules that you gotta follow to be able to enter this giveaway. It's very easy, i promise! Just follow the questions in the form below. YOU MUST DO THE FIRST 4 STEPS TO BE ABLE TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY! These 4 steps are mandatory, the rest of the questions that you will see are optional. To get more entries answer the other questions that you will see after the first 4 steps. [ I will check all entries! ]

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note: the products mentioned in this blogpost and giveaway are sponsored. 
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