01 July 2013

Chinese Make Up Gurus on Youtube [PART 2]

I received lots of requests to do another blogpost about Asian make up guru's on Youtube. Today I will be sharing some Chinese make up gurus that I've been following for a while. They definitely deserve more followers and likes, so do check these people out if you have time ^^! This is part 2, if you would like to see part 1, go to this blogpost.
I also shared a few Korean Make Up Guru's on Youtube a while back :
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Connie Crystal Yang aka cyexquisite and she's living in the USA. A lot of viewers of Connie think that she's Korean, but she's actually Taiwanese. She creates lots of Korean style make up tutorials and often mentions Taiwanese and Korean beauty & skincare products in her videos. All of her videos are in English.

Rachel Li aka simplycuterachel is a Chinese girl living in New York. She's only 17 years old and creates Korean style make up tutorials as well as Korean make up reviews and hauls. All of her videos are in English, so everybody can understand it ^^ YAY!

Hana is such a bright and always happy looking girl. She's so crazy but I love that about her. She creates make up tutorials and reviews on Youtube and usually uses Chinese and Korean make up products. All of her videos are in Cantonese without English subtitles.
Yuki Ava, a very gorgeous girl living in Hong kong. She's a famous singer in Hong Kong and a make up guru on Youtube. Yuki also has her own online beauty shop where she sells her favorite Asian beauty products. In her videos she often shows European products as well as (high end) Asian products. All of her videos are in Cantonese without English subtitles. Lots of videos are sponsored, so keep that in mind while watching her videos ;).

Isadora is living in Hong Kong and is a make up artist. She started up her own makeup academy called Makeup Secret, providing training courses for makeup artists & individuals in Hong Kong, helping others to get in the industry. She often creates reviews about European as well as Asian beauty products. All of her videos are in Cantonese.

Alice, living in Hong Kong. She often shares beauty tips and create make up tutorials on Youtube. Her skin looks flawless, just like the other girls above ^^. In her videos she mentions European products as well as Asian products. She talks Cantonese, so if you don't understand this language, it will be hard to understand her videos.

This was it for part 2, stay tuned for part 3! Which Chinese make up guru is your favorite?
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