19 February 2012

Korean Make up Gurus on Youtube Part 1

I have been following many Korean Make Up Gurus on Youtube. I first didn't know that there were so many Korean girls who are making make up videos on Youtube! One of the first ones that I've been following are Catalina aka CL2425 and ElisaSung. I'm sure you've heard of these names before, but do you know any other Korean make up gurus? Let me share a few channels which I've been following for a while now:

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1. Beautifymeeh
She is called Angel and is one of my favorites out of the Korean Youtubers. She was born in the US but her parents are Korean. Her videos are of amazing quality: good swatches, great lighting, good focus on the products and she talks clearly. She often shows Korean & Japanese products in her videos which attracts me the most.

2. Wenxd
This is Wenjin. She often upload make up tutorials and OOTD's on her channel. I'm loving her style and her cute face ^^. I've been following her for a while now and I think that she definitely deserves way more viewers than she has now.

3. Meejmuse
This is Jeniffer from Australia (parents are Korean). Most of her videos are make up tutorials. Her videos are of great quality. Some of her make up looks are very nice and some are just so-so, but it's just pleasant to watch :).

4. Oiseau88
This is a Korean beauty youtuber who is called Nayoung. She's living in Southern California. Her make up tutorials looks quite similar to eachother, so I actually prefer to watch her vlogs than her make up tutorials :).

5. YellowyCream
This is Liah, a Korean Beauty Youtuber/blogger who is living in South Korea. She often reviews Korean make up products. Her make up looks are usually natural/ casual looking which everybody can wear on a normal day. She has an innocent, soft voice which is pleasant to listen to.

6. Frmheadtotoe
Jen from frmheadtotoe. I think everybody knows her already! She creates beauty, favorites videos and ootd vids once in a while.

Do you know any other Korean make up gurus? Let me know ;)

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