23 March 2013

Korean Make Up Gurus on Youtube Part 2

Today I will be mentioning a few Korean Make up guru's on Youtube that I have been following for a while. I have written a blogpost about this topic a while back before (link to the blogpost - part 1) where i mentioned some other Korean make up guru's like Beautifymeeh, Wenxd, Meejmuse, Oiseau88, YellowyCream and Mimiheartme. A lot of readers requested to write part 2 so here it is ^o^~!

Sunnydahye lives in Indonesia and is a law student. She talks about Asian beauty products including Korean products. Sunny also creates make up tutorials just like this one below where she created a make up tutorial which is inspired by Sooyoung from Girls Generation (소녀시대 수영) from their music video I got a Boy.
This is Jane aka Plainjanemakeup. She lives in LA and is Korean. Jane often shows her OOTD's on her channel. However, she mostly talks about European products, but sometimes also about Korean ones.
3. BELL0216 
Bell You is her real name. She is quite new to Youtube, I just found her on Soompi but I love it that she looks so pure, she talks well in front of the camera and her voice is sweet, not annoying. Eventhough the lighting isn't always great in her videos, i do like her tutorials that she has on her channel. In the video below she shows a Korean Ulzzang Makeup tutorial.
This is OnleeAmore aka Sarah Lee. She lives in California, often shows her ootd's and talks about Korean Make up and Skincare products.
Holly is her real name and she is one of those popular make up gurus on Youtube. She is Korean and lives in the US. She doesn't talk about Asian beauty products but more about European high end products.

This was it for Part 2, make sure to check Part 1 if you haven't. If you know more Korean Youtubers, leave a comment below and I will add it to the next part. Also let me know which beauty guru is your favorite at the moment :).
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