03 July 2013

Review: Hair Extensions from 1001Extensions.nl 18 inch

Hi girls ^^! Today I will be reviewing hair extensions from the website 1001extensions.nl. This website is selling clip in-, micro loop and pre-bonded hair extensions. They are available in different lengths, colors and types of hair (straight or wavy). In todays' blogpost I'm going to review the 18 inch (46 cm) clip in hair extensions, in the color darkest brown/ chocolate brown. These were sent to me for review purposes, so lets see how they are, ok? (btw. i look very thin in the picture below, it's just the angle and lighting i think, cus my face is larger in real hahah)

They currently have a lot of hair extensions on sale. The one that i got are normally €249,50 but now they are sold for €49,90 on their website (link to the product). It's crazy how cheap this is and according to the description on their website it's made of 100% human hair (high quality remy hair, indian hair) as well!

It didn't really have a packaging. It only came in a plastic bag, without a label or card from 1001extensions.nl or anything. Maybe it will look different if they are sending it to their customers? On their website, they say that they ship their products in bubble envelopes or padded packages for optimal protection during transport. My package wasn't bubble wrapped and didn't have protection at all. I always prefer products with a nice packaging and this one didn't have any. Thankfully, the hair extensions weren't damaged, they were still in good condition.

The extensions were sent from Dubai and it only took 2 days until it arrived in The Netherlands, which is extremely fast!!! It was even checked by customs, which normally takes a long time! According to their website the shipping period to The Netherlands is 2-3 days. It took 2 days for me, so i'm very satisfied about that.

I received the following :
1 weft 8" wide and 18" long
2 wefts 4" wide and 18" long
2 wefts 6" wide and 18" long
2 wefts 2" wide and 18" long

This is how it looks like and they gave me 3 extra clips in case one breaks or falls off. I did notice that you have to press really hard to clip it in sometimes. However, they are very sturdy so they won't break easily.

Sometimes you will see a hair that's very light between it, but that's ok. It looks even more natural because it contains different types of brown. These hair extensions can be used 4-6 months if you wash it properly. There are instructions on their website on how to treat it, so read the instructions before you are going to wash it!

As you can see it creates more volume and my hair is longer! I just love the length and it creates enough volume! The color of my hair in the picture below is lighter because of the sun which was shining on me.

I've dyed my hair before in chocolate brown and these hair extensions blends very well with my own hair color! You can barely see the difference o.o!

• Very fast shipping
• Inexpensive
• You will be getting 7 pieces of extensions, which is a lot!
• Scentless
• The color of the hair extensions are similar to the ones on their website
• Creates more volume and your hair looks longer
• Feels soft and it really is real hair (it isn't fake/shiny looking)
• Clips are sturdy and easy to use
• Application time is short - it only takes 5 minutes to clip it in your hair

• No packaging, no bubble wrap, no card/label from the company
• Hair from the hair extensions are falling off spontaneously
• Sometimes you need to press really hard to clip it in your hair

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with these hair extensions. It is very easy to use, you are done within 5 minutes and it creates volume and length! The quality is good, the only downside about the quality is that the hair falls off easily without even pulling it ( i doubt it if you can really use it for 6 months ). But it does feels very soft and it blends well with my own hair color which is also very important!

These extensions are sold for €49,90 at the moment which is quite cheap for real human hair, so if you are interested, visit www.1001extensions.nl (dutch website).


note: this product was sent to me for review purposes. 

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