03 September 2012

Chinese Make Up Gurus on Youtube [Part 1]

A while ago I wrote a blogpost about Korean make up gurus on Youtube and I had great responses about that blogpost. Since this topic was a success, I wanted to share some Chinese make up gurus on Youtube that I'm following. Ofcourse we all know some famous Chinese make up gurus already, like Bubzbeauty but there are way more, here are some:

1. BeautyQQ 
My ultimate favorite Chinese make up guru, Queenie! I've mentioned her a gazillion times on my blog before and I still love her videos ^.^. I love her beauty tips, tutorials and DIY's. She often shows Asian beauty products in her tutorials, which somehow influences me to purchase lol. Unlike some beauty guru's she doesn't make sponsored videos which I like. Queenie speaks Chinese in her vids but there is often English subs so you don't need to worry that you are not able to understand it.

2. Katykissbo
Katy lives in Hong Kong and most of her videos are sponsored by Sasa.com (my favorite shop for Asian Beauty products). Eventhough she uses sponsored products, she doesn't really hard sell it, she just shows how to use it and mentions it in her videos. Sasa has a lot of products in her assortment, so I'm not familiar with all products that they are selling. It's great that Katy demonstrates how to use the products in her videos so that we, as potential buyers, will get to know the products. Great marketing strategy from sasa!

3. Stylesuzi 
I just love the quality of her videos, she's so pretty and I love her accent. Suzi is living in London and is a British Born Chinese. She creates make up tutorials and fashion videos.

4. Misojenny
Jenny lives in the United States and is born and raised in Hong Kong. She makes haul videos, make up tutorials, nail tutorials, beauty product reviews and more. Her videos are of great quality. She mentions Asian beauty products in her videos as well as European products.

5. MszJackieChu
Jackie is Chinese-American and is born and raised in Southern California. She often mentions Asian beauty products in her videos and what I like even more is that she makes diet videos.

6. Cydangie
Cydia aka Cydangie, a Chinese girl who is living in the United States. I only like her make up tutorials to be honest. The rest of her videos are just so-so, since I don't' like the products that she recommends.

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And which Chinese Youtubers are you following?
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