29 August 2012

Pastel Candy iPhone 4/4s Cases from Bornprettystore

OMGGGG!! I've been searching ages for these pastel candy cases for the iPhone 4S!!! I recently found these Happymori iPhone cases at Bornprettystore and on Ebay. They were cheaper at Bornprettystore so I got it from there ^__^. Happymori is a Korean brand who sells adorable phone accessories, you can go their website to check out their cute assortment: link to website. Keep on reading for some close ups of the cases!

These are silicone cases. It's soft and more durable compared to hard cases. According to the description on the Bornprettystore website it's washable. Eventhough it only says iPhone 4 on the packaging it's also for the iPhone 4s as well ;)

They offer these cases in 5 colors: red, pink, yellow, blue and sky blue (mint green)! Go to their website to see the colors: (link to product). I got the cases in sky blue and blue, the sky blue one is mint green colored in real life. I really would love to have them all, since they all look so cute and I just L-O-V-E pastel colored items ^___^!

Price and Where to buy?
You can buy these cases at Bornprettystore.com (link to product) for only $3.15 each! Don't forget to use my code: MDJ61 at checkout to get 10% OFF!

It has a plastic packaging. There are some bears on it lol, cute right?

Close ups
I've used the pastel blue case for 2 weeks already lol so it's a bit grey on the edges and sides in the pictures hehehe.. The mint green one is completely new though :).

Yellow Ribbon 
I've added a yellow ribbon plug stopper ^^ which makes it even cuter hihi love it! I got that from Ebay.com.

I absolutely ADORE these cases! Would you like to purchase it as well? Go to bornprettystore.com and feel free to use my coupon code: MDJ61 to get 10% OFF!


  1. THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! It makes me want an iPhone more TT ^TT

  2. That is so cute! The bow does go well with the theme.

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  3. aawh, wat een schattige case! :D Jammer dat ik geen iphone heb :')

  4. Super cute met dat strikje! ^.^

  5. I'm always on the look out for new iphone cases. I'm loving the simplicity and that touch of cuteness the bows add. <3

  6. love the pastel colors <3 if you like the simplicity of this, you should check out their website ! because they have more covers :D

  7. jaaaa, heb dat erbij gezet, ben der helemaal verliefd op :D

  8. misschien dat je later eentje haalt :D kan je ook hoedjes halen en je phone pimpe :D

  9. thank you :D i've added that myself, and i love the match

  10. My friends just bought me one for my birthday >W< Waiting for it to arrive lol I will order these now! :D


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