03 March 2013

Review + Swatches: Sleek MakeUP - Flick it Eyeliner

Flick it! That's the name of the new eyeliner of Sleek MakeUP. It's available in 3 shades, I've got 2 shades: Royal Blue and Purple Aura which are two limited editions. The third one is called Dazzling black and this one stays in the collection. In today's blogpost I will be showing you some swatches of the 2 limited edition Flick it eyeliners. 
The 2 limited edition eyeliners Royal Blue #992 & Purple Aura #993 have a matte finish. It defines and accentuates the eyes with one stroke. The Dazzling Black is a high gloss shade for a modern take on the matte black. Flick it has a staying power as the longwearing formula banishes those inconvenient moments of reapplication.

You can purchase these at drugstores like Superdrug or at their online website: www.sleekmakeup.com (link to the product). It's sold for £5,99 (€7.-) there.

The packaging is simple but nice, just like their normal packaging. At the top and front of the packaging, you are able to see the color of the eyeliner.

The color is also visible at the ends of the eyeliners.


This felt tip is very easy to work with! You are able to create thin lines as well as thick lines. The precision felt tip allows for a smooth and controlled application. Tip: Rest your hand on your cheek as you apply for ease of application.

In the picture below you are able to see swatches of both colors. I layered the eyeliner 3 times so that you are able to see the difference. More layers will make the color of the eyeliner more visible. As you can see, one coat isn't enough, you really need at least 2 coats to be able to see the nice color of the eyeliner. Purple aura is actually quite a lovely color, i might going to wear this to work hihi.

OIL PROOF? YES IT IS! It doesn't even smudge on my oily lids! It stayed on my eyelids for the whole day without re-applying the eyeliner. The color will fade after a few hours but it is still visible. However, this eyeliner isn't tear-, waterproof, so be careful when it's going to rain, when you cry and don't wear this if you are going to swim. Because, if you rub it for a few times, the eyeliner will come off. It won't smudge or smear which is a good thing, but it will flake. See pictures below where I demonstrate it. I've just sprayed some water on the eyeliner and rubbed it with my fingers a few times. The eyeliner is barely visible anymore after rubbing it.

Purple Aura

Royal Blue

- Dries extremely fast on my eyelids
- Won't smudge or smear
- Felt tip is easy to use and quite precise
- Felt tip doesn't dry fast, no need to shake the pen all the time
- Not expensive

- Smells like a Sharpie marker pen
- Not waterproof
- 2-3 coats are needed
- Isn't sold everywhere, it's hard to get in The Netherlands.

Overall it's a great eyeliner which stays on the eyelids for a long time, even on my monolids! This eyeliner is very easy to work with and you can create thin as well as thick lines with it. It dries extremely fast which is great for people with monolids. As long as your eyelids won't get wet, it will stay on your lids for hours. It's an inexpensive eyeliner. Too bad that we can't just buy it at a local drugstore here, but I'm glad that it's available on their website: http://www.sleekmakeup.com. People in the UK can purchase it at Superdrug. I probably will purchase the black version in the future. Would you give this a try?

these products were sent to me for review purposes. 
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