04 March 2013

Candy Doll - New Series featuring Dakota Rose

The new Candy Doll series are here! Tsubasa Masuwaka decided to collaborate with Dakota Rose for this new serie. Dakota Rose, also called the living barbie girl who became popular by her dolly looks on Youtube. Her videos became popular within no time and she suddenly had more than 3 million views within a few months! I'm sure a lot of you have heard about her and her amazing photoshop skills lol. Anyways, check out the new products from Candy Doll!



Candy doll - Moisture lip treatment
Candy doll - Lip gloss
Passion Fruit
Strawberry milk

Cotton Candy

Macaron Pink

Candy doll - Lipsticks
Poodle Pink

Pink Grapefruit
Ramune Pink

Check out the youtube channel from Dakota Rose: dakotakoti. What do you think of this collaboration and about the new serie? As you can see, the packaging has changed but it's still girly looking so i'm still in love with it. I haven't tried any products of Candy Doll before to be honest, but the packaging is just so cute which is why i wanted to share it with you girls and I just love Tsubasa Masuwaka ^o^!

all pictures are from http://candydoll.jp
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