25 January 2013

New Dolly wink Products & New Packaging

I've been loving Tsubasa Masuwaka for a long long time ^^ she's just so adorable and I'm loving the products that she has produced. Most of you are familiar with the dolly wink collection right? Well, there were some new products out around November 2012, including 2 new eyeshadow palettes, 3 sets of false eyelashes and a white pencil eyeliner. They have changed the packaging of some of their products as well. Check out the adorable new products and packaging in this blogpost.

Lets check out the new false eyelashes first shall we? These are the 3 sets of falsies which are added to the collection - number 15, 16 and 17:

Number 15 is called pure girl and are half lashes for the upper eyelid. They look extremely natural by looking at the picture, I would love to try it!

#16 - DOLLY MIX 
Number 16 is called Dolly Mix, these are perfect for a dolly look. It does looks a bit dramatic on this picture but you can balance it with some natural low lashes.

Number 17 is called Diamond Dolly, these are criss cross lashes mixed with spiky ones. They look natural in the picture below, but i'm curious how it looks like in real.
There are 2 new eye shadow palettes, one is called #02 pink brown and the other one is called #03 smoky brown. Each palette has 4 colors, they all seem to look natural. I'm curious if they are pigmented ;). Also, they added a white eyeliner which you should use on your waterline. It claims to be waterproof and long lasting which means that it's against sweat, tears and smudging. It also contains fine, sheer diamond-like glitters, which means that your cute eyes will stand out even more.
They have changed the packaging of the Dolly Wink mascara's, eyeshadows and eyeliner pencils to match the otona style packaging of the collection.

What do you think of the new products and the new look? Adorable right ^_^? 

source: all pictures are from the koji website
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