27 July 2012

Zanox & Rewardstyle Fashion Blogger Event - Goodie Bag

I recently went to a fashion blogger event in Amsterdam. It was hosted by Zanox & Rewardstyle. You've probably heard of Zanox before if you're a blogger. Zanox is the leading performance advertising network in Europe and Rewardstyle is a new affiliate website which is aimed at fashion bloggers. They recently collaborated and during this event they explained how to make use of affiliate marketing. The event was in overall quite informative. I already knew a lot about affiliate marketing, but I didn't know much about Rewardstyle so I'm glad that i did learn SOMETHING that day :).

Unfortunately, I didn't take much pictures, I just didn't feel like it and the lighting sucked there as well. Therefore I didn't even bothered to grab my camera out of my bag lol. I did meet some fashion bloggers which I actually followed for a while, so it was fun to see them in real ^^. I sure will go to events more often ^___^, so keep an eye on my twitter if you want to know which events I'm going next.

At the end of the event they gave every blogger a goodie bag!!! OEHHH I LOVE GOODIE BAGS! YAYYYY! Oh yeah, I'll show you what was inside the bag of course hehehe..

I received a bracelet from asos.com. Who doesn't know asos right?!
A pair of sunglasses from Men at work.
Some coupon codes from Sarenza.com, Freshcotton.com and Suitableshop.nl.
This is from the warehouse: Bijenkorf.
There were two bags inside: one from Omoda and one from Shopwithyourfriends.com.
I was extremely happy when I saw a Supertrash product inside xD lol. It's a solid perfume which i'm going to review later.
There were also two shirts inside: one from Mcgregor and one from welikefahsion.com with the text "BROKE BUT BEAUTIFUL" (link to the shirt).

Have you ever been to a fashion event before? 



  1. En nu heb ik spijt dat ik niet gegaan ben
    naar die event =w=


  2. haha :P indd anders zou ik je daar weer ontmoeten . hoezo was je niet gegaan?

  3. I would totally love to attend blogger events but I guess my blog needs to grow a long time before that may happen eventually. I never heard about Zenox and don't really get how it works by looking at their page...

    I love the bracelet you got, looks awesome! ^____^

  4. OMG!! How come all of you awesome bloggers get invited to events? ;) Well duh-you're awesome ;) Anyways I LOVE everything in that bag too!~ It's totally eclectic and rocknroll and on trend! Show us an outfit with that stuff :) Wow even a notebook? How nice. :) Tell us more! ~

  5. By the way, I don't want to add links in the comments, but I don't think my profile is clickable :( I thought you'd be interested in making a nude polish: http://xoxpastelbunny.blogspot.ca/2012/07/diy-nude-nail-polish.html.

  6. you can open your own disqus account to make your name clickable ;).

  7. zanox is quite complicated when you go there for the first time.. but when you look at it closely its actually not that hard =)

  8. Heel cool! :D Toffe goodiebag! Ben wel 's uitgenodigd voor events, maar kon steeds niet door school ofzo :S

  9. Woww, your haul looks so awesome! So many pretty products. ^^
    I especially like that huge unlined journal - it looks so very elegant.

    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  10. ja, ik kan er ook vaak niet heen omdat de tijden vaak niet uitkomen =/ deze was toevallig in de avond :)

  11. Is it hard? Okay I'll figure it out myself ^__^ *crosses fingers* hahahahahahahaa. Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this and your recent meet up with bloggers@ Being a blogger sure is cool! ^^

  12. Goodie bag! I love the asos bracelet.
    Nope, I've never been to an event like that :(

  13. i'm sure you will have a chance to go to an event like this soon :D

  14. i'm glad you enjoyed it sumi :D

  15. I'm the most jealous of your Sarenza coupon hahaha xD That's awesome that you got to go to such an event :)


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