29 July 2012

Ray Ban Sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses.nl

Advertorial. It's Summer and it finally FEELS like Summer as well in The Netherlands. It has been raining for many days during the month of July and I'm so happy that it's finally sunny right now. Time to get our shades out girls! You've probably heard of Ray Ban Sunglasses right? Today I would like to introduce an online shop where you can get designer sunglasses. The webshop is called Smart Buy Glasses. They sell designer sunglasses for a cheaper price than in stores! Besides, Ray Ban's you can also get GucciCarreraArmani sunglasses and many more.. Their assortment is huge, go check their website out here : SmartBuyGlasses.nl.

My favorite
My ultimate favorite of their webshop is the Ray Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer 901 (link to product). It fits the shape of my head perfectly and it matches with almost every outfit! They really offer products for a cheaper price and this Ray Ban is even on sale at the moment, so make sure to get it now if you are interested ;). (And NOOO... The sunglasses aren't fake!) Also, what I like about this shop is that they offer a free lens kit with your purchase, it is worth €15.-!

Not only people in The Netherlands are able to buy inexpensive sunglasses here, people outside The Netherlands are able to buy it from here as well. In both cases, they offer FREE SHIPPING! Ohh, I just love online shops which offers free shipping =D, yay to no extra costs!

If you're interested make sure to check out their website: Smartbuyglasses.nl


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  1. I wish they did the same with actual (non-sun) glasses, too!


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