25 July 2012

Goldstrike nail art tutorial

I haven't done a nail art tutorial in a while ^^! In this blogpost I will show you how to create goldstrike nails. Goldstrike is actually a cinnamon liqueur containing gold snippets. YES, GOLD FLAKES! It contains 50% alcohol and on their website it says that the gold flakes are 24 carat. I've created a nail art with golden flakes/glitters which made me think of Goldstrike, hence the name. Read more to see how you can create this nail art...

Step 1: Apply a base coat and let it dry.
Step 2: Apply a black nail polish on all of your nails and wait till this is dry.
Step 3: Create the effect as seen below with a make up sponge. Just put some nail polish on your sponge and dap it on each nail.
Step 4: Apply a glitter nail polish at the top of each nail.
Step 5: Apply a top coat to create a lovely smooth finish. And voila, you've created some gold strike nails  ^___^!
What did I use? 
- Base & Top coat from a dutch store, HEMA
- Black nail polish from Dr. 'Lee
- Golden nail polish from Catrice - sand franciso #450 (swatch)
- Glittery nail polish from an unknown brand
- The ring is from Bornprettystore.com



  1. I loooove it! You're amazing at nail tutorials, Elisa!
    Anyway I wonder how are liquers with golden flakies (I mean, for example, if the gold can bother when you drink...) , I've seen at a stand a sake with gold floating in it but after I've choosen normal sake....
    mmmhhh I love sake (out of topic ehehe) :-P

  2. die is leuk zeg! Met die ring erbij is het helemaal perfect, hihi

  3. Ah, thank you for the tutorial!
    I admit I don't usually paint my nails, but it really is awesome reading and looking at posts like these. It's really cool and impressive what you can do. Those gold tips are fantastic. ^^

    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  4. thedancing jewelsJuly 25, 2012 5:05 PM

    Awesome! thanks for sharing! (:

    I did a watercolour effect nail polish too!


  5. I love how this turned out, it looks great! Kinda high-fashion like! :D I'm not so surae about the alcohol though, I imagine alcohol together with golden flakes kinda.. unhealthy? Like... metallic? I guess I wouldn't really wanna drink that I rather stay with good Caribbean rum! :< :D

  6. oh wow that looks awesome!! you did a great job, reminds me of the nails in snowwhite and the huntsman!

  7. lol.. thank youuu sweetie ^^ haha, i drank goldstrike before but it was a bit too strong for me =(.. i'm not really a fan of alcoholic drinks >.<

  8. ahw, thank you <333 painting nails are fun ^^ ! even though it takes a while hehe

  9. ahhh.. i haven't seen snowwwhiteeee =( !! bummer... still need to watch that movie

  10. i actually forgot how gold strike taste like xD.. but you can barely feel the gold flakes, you can see it though.. it's floating around in the bottle xD

  11. Gosh I can never do my nails like that! *____*

  12. yesss you can Emy ^^ !!!! just practice ^___^ !!!

  13. Oh my gosh, your nails are gorgeous...they look like they are ready to be taken out to a chic soiree accompanied by a black cocktail dress.

  14. ahww, thank youuu <3 i'm glad that you like it ^^ you should try it out =D

  15. it is soo beautiful!! i gotta try this! thanks for the tutorial :)

  16. thank youuu ^^ would love to see how yours turned out :D

  17. omg this is so beautiful. WHY CAN'T YOU BE NEAR ME AND DO MY NAILS! Seriously, I am so lazy and I love all the designs you do! Have you thought of making a youtube nail art channel??

  18. ahwww xD i wish i lived near you as well !!! noo.. i don't have a nail art youtube channel, i thought about it before, but never tried it actually xD.. when are you going to open a youtube channel :D ?

  19. This is so pretty! I love the contrast between the gold glitters with the black polish, it also matches your ring too! :)

  20. Hello!
    I love your blog!
    I just found it!

    I made a blog a couple of months ago too.
    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
    Thank you!!!


  21. yeah... hahaha >///< I've been so busy I haven't gotten the chance, so sad but once I quit my summer job.. I WILL FOR SURE HAVE ONE AT LEAST BY THE END OF THE SUMMER!

  22. yeahh.. looking forward to it :D let me know when you've opened one ^^ so that i can subscribe =D hihi

  23. I already made one (http://youtube.com/users/orangeinsanity) I just haven't done anything with it yet. haha SOOOOOON >///<


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