25 April 2012

Review: Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roller

A few weeks ago I've reviewed the Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel, go to the blogpost if you've missed it. Today I'm going to review the Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away. I know, what a long name right lol. I've been wanting to try this product for a very long time. What appealed to me most was the jade ball which is attached on this product, yes jade! This product was very hard to find online, but thankfully there is a new online shop which sells Ginvera products, they even ship to Europe! Thank you http://www.janiro.co.uk for sending me the products and for giving me the chance to try these!

Jade is a very good massaging medium as compared to other materials, as it contains trace minerals that benefits the human body. Through massaging using Jade ball, energy will be emitted and penetrated into the skin and body to nourish your skin. See instant and visible results 5 minutes after application.

What does is claims? 
- It rolls away dark eye circles effectively
- Brightens and firms eye contours
- Prevents eye bages, crows feet and fine lines
- Allows easy make up application

Price and Where to buy?
You can now buy this online at http://www.janiro.co.uk/Jade-Roll-Away.html. They are shipping worldwide!! It's sold for 22 pounds.

I'm loving the packaging, it has a lovely jade color which matches the product. The description is also stated at the back of the packaging.
The roller is sturdy and won't break if it falls. It's easy to hold and the roller won't get stuck because of the product or something. It just rolls smoothly. The size is great and you can easily put it in your make up bag!
Yes, that's jade! It really gives my eyes a cool feeling, love it!


How to use
1) Tilt jade roller to 45° to allow contents to flow out.
2) After sufficient contents have flowed out, use jade roller to massage eye contour area.
3) Use fingers to massage until fully absorbed. Use once in the morning and evening.

The product is translucent, the texture is watery and not oily.

My opinion
I'm loving this product! It's easy to use and the cooling effect feels amazing! It's great to use this by day and at night because those are the moments when you feel tired. The cooling effect feels very relaxing. The product  doesn't really have a scent, even though it is stated that it contains a fragrance. You can't really smell the scent, which I like (I always prefer scentless products). After using this roller, my eye bags was still slightly visible, but it did brighten & firm my eye contour instantly. The product is slightly sticky, that's why you need to massage the product after rolling to let it absorb faster into the skin. It just takes 2-3 minutes to absorb and it won't feel sticky afterwards. It also didn't dry out my eye area which is a pro! I recommend this product to people who often has tired eyes. After hours of looking at your laptop screen you will feel very tired, this is definitely a product which refreshes your eyes during the day :).
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