27 December 2011

Review: Retractable brush from Bornprettystore.com

If you're looking for a powder, blush or bronzer brush which is soft, affordable and easy to carry around. I might have the right product for you ^___^. I'm talking about the retractable brush which I recently purchased at Born Pretty Store! It became one of my favorite brushes!

What is a retractable brush?
As you can see the cover can be removed. You need to twist and push down the brown part to bring up the bristles. (You can push the brown part up and down.)

When you don't use the brush anymore, you can just push up the brown part and put the cover on it again. Due to this you won't get any powder on your other products in your make up case. VERY HANDY! It looks like this when the cover is on it (see picture below).
You can use this brush to apply your powder, blush or bronzer. It's made of natural hair and I'm surprised that the bristles of this brush is so soft o_o!

I'm sure that the brush will fit in most of the cosmetic make up cases. It's not that large and it's only 41 g, so it's very light weight. Size: 10,3cm x 3cm. Size of the brush: 4cm x 4cm.

Price and Where to buy?
It's $6.53 and it can be purchased at Bornprettystore.com. Don't forget to use my code: MDJ61 to get 10% off! They are shipping worldwide and you NEVER have to pay for shipping ;)! Note: the actual product looks slightly different than the one in the picture at Bornprettystore. The packaging isn't matte! 

Service & Delivery time
I have ordered from Born Pretty Store many many times and their service is awesome! I'm very happy that the delivery time is extremely short as well. It only took 10 days until it arrived at my place (in The Netherlands) and they are shipping from China, so it's extremely fast!

Does the bristles come off easily?
I washed the brush carefully before using it and I noticed that only one bristle came off which it very minimum. No hair came off while applying powder with this brush. This is definitely a plus!

My opinion
I highly recommend to buy this brush. It goes a long long way and it's definitely worth the money! I accidentally dropped it on the ground once and it didn't even fall apart haha xD. Even if it did break someday, I would definitely buy a new one! The packaging is cute and the brush is so so soft o___o! I also love it that it's retractable which makes it a lot more hygienic and I won't get any powder on my other products when it's in my make up pouch. Besides, it picks up enough powder, helps spread my powder evenly, it doesn't irritate my skin and it is the perfect size. Enough said ^__^ ... if you don't like the pink packaging of this brush, they offer other colors as well. Also, if you're looking for nail art products, this sure is the place to be ;). Check out Bornprettystore.com.
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