25 December 2011

Merry X-mas to YOU & Winner of the Wimdu Giveaway

Time flies ~ it's Christmas time already ^___^ I hope you all have a lovely Christmas! What are your plans for these two days? Are you going to celebrate it with your loved ones or do you need to work or are you just going to sit at home doing nothing? Share it with me by putting a comment below, I would love to know what you all going to do ^___^. I'm going to celebrate it with my family today by heaving a lovely dinner~ I always love Christmas because our house will always be oh so crowded and I love the warm Christmas feeling hihi and don't forget about the food! Anyways, I hope y'll will have a nice Christmas as well =^o^= Merry Christmas lovely readers~! Continue with reading to check out some Christmas decoration pictures that I took in Amsterdam and I will also announce the winner of the Wimdu Giveaway! Who will be the lucky winner who wins the €75.- voucher?!
picture found at weheartit edited by me

It's Christmas EVERYWHERE!
There are Christmas decorations everywhere in Amsterdam! I took some snaps with my camera while I was at Damsquare and Leidseplein. I saw this lovely display at a warehouse, Bijenkorf. It looks so magical and I love the Swan Lake song that is playing over and over again haha.

Warm waffles~! I was too full so didn't buy it ^^ it looked nice though!
CHEESE CHEESE... Yes it's Holland so there is CHEESE everywhere!

Wimdu giveaway winner
Congratulations to ..... *drumrolls* .... LINDA LIEU! Merry Christmas girl ^o^~!!! I hope you're happy with this awesome Christmas present haha =D. I have send you an email already, please reply to that email so that I can send you the code of the voucher ;). And to the people who participated, thank you so much for joining the giveaway, I hope you will have more luck next time ^___^. Have a lovely day everybody! Merry Christmas~!!!


  1. Merry Christmas to you tooo <3 And i love your christmas pictures of Amsterdam. Looks so pretty :D

  2. Merry Christmas! Altijd leuk om te zien hoe steden zich bezighouden met kerst :D

  3. Merry Xmas to you as well :D !

  4. Thank you ^^ jij ook natuurlijk <3

  5. thank you Maria :D !!! I'm sure it looks prettier at your place xD !!!

  6. Have a lovely day with your beloved ones <3

  7. I hope you will have a lovely day filled with loads of good food <3

  8. Merry Christmas ^__^ inderdaad.. maar helaas ziet het er elk jaar ongeveer hetzelfde eruit hier haha =p maar toch leuk om al die lichtjes te zien amsterdam :D

  9. aah, was niet online de laatste paar dagen, dus hierbij nog merry christmas lol. :'D

  10. jij ook merry christmas :D !!! ^___^ veel cadeautjes ontvangen?


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