14 November 2011

Vivi JP magazine, December 2011 issue - mag scans

That's right, it's the last Vivi Japan issue of this year ^^. It's online and I'm going to share it with you girls!

As you can see Namie Amuro is on the cover of the December 2011 issue! I´m loving this issue, because there is a lot in it, from fashion to make up and hair tutorials! Must check it out ^^ the clothes are darn cute as well :D love the styles which are shown! haha, did i make you curious? Just download below lar ;)!

Have you missed the previous issue? Go to this link:

Would you like to read the whole Vivi December 2011 issue? Click on the link below to download it:

Enjoy everybody ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♥~!


  1. yaay :D!  thanks for sharing ^^

  2. thanks for sharing this.
    i need to get more hair tutorials for myself. hopefully i get more tips from this issue.
    the girl on the cover looks so pretty! (an obvious statement. lol)

  3. er staat : Would you like to read the whole Vivi November 2011 issue? Click on the link below to download it: .. maar is het niet December 2011 issue? :S

  4. Woops, ja is dec issue, maar de link klopt wel ;)

  5. all the magazines with the mega upload thing arent working DDDDD: it says the site has been removed

  6. almost all dl websites are blocked.. i've uploaded this when it wasn't blocked.. can't do anything about it.. blameeeeeee the rulesss =( 


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