18 November 2011

Peek into my life - Snacks & Goodies

It's time for another peek into my life blogpost ^^. You will see heaps of goodies in this blogpost. Well.. that sounds boring, but it totally isn't if you are familiar with the products that I posted xD Enjoy~!

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I was hesitating to post a review of these circle lenses, but I eventually didn't because the pictures that I took weren't pretty enough x(. I'm wearing the EOS adult blue circle lenses (E-203BL) from Shoppingholics.com (not sponsored, I won this through a giveaway).

Through the month I had won 2 giveaways, the first one was hosted by blogger Allison from A daily dose of everything. The second one was hosted by blogger Gloria from Dolce Smile.

I also received a bunch of sheet masks that I wanted to try ^^!! YAY Etude house sheet masks! The packaging looks so cute, but is the mask good as well ;)?
Another China Glaze nail polish which I still need to swatch xD. Stay tuned, I will swatch the whole let it snow collection 2011 soon!
Pretz! I have been eating this snack since I was a kid and I still love it xD. Unfortunately they aren't selling pocky's here anymore x(.


  1. I  have those masks, YES THEY'RE GOOD! ^_______^
    and I really like those lenses on you! Do you find them comfortable?

  2. i loveee face masks, i collect so many through the years but when i look back most of them has already expired. reminds me i should start using them again. I really like those contacts on you, so pretty!

  3. Wow so many goodies! I try out some masks...! I've never used any before!
    Any suggestions? Which one's your absolute favourite??
    Pretz are the best!!!

  4. oh i love pretz ,! XD .. nice haul here (: 

    CMPang x

  5. the lenses look great on you. what are you talking about "not pretty enough"? ;p

  6. I really love the my beauty diary , apple polyphenol. Its my favoriteeeeee and silk whitia masks are great as well :D

  7. looks grey on ya n blue by itself, still pretty! xoxo

  8. Thank you ... The lighting was so bad xD couldnt take pretty pictures, this one is probably the most ok out of the bunch haha

  9. Thank you haha its probably because of the lighting, its really right blue in my eyes.

  10. aah, zo leuk zeg! Gefeliciteerd met je spulletjes :D. Aah, die lenzen zijn echt cool zeg! aah pretz ♥

  11. I am so jealous of your facial masks! I wish I owned all of those! 

  12. So lucky. xD You win so many things. What an awesome haul. ^^


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