17 June 2010

Typical Dutch snack


I didn't even know what it was called in English, in Dutch it is called; "Haring". I searched for the English translation and it was "Herring" Lol, not much of a difference. Anyways, it's a typical Dutch snack and I love it!

How do we eat it?
The fish is already cleaned and the head of the fish is removed when you buy it. It is conserved in a special way with salt. People usually eat it with onions and pickles. And then? Well, most of the people will pick the herring up by the tail, tilting their own head backwards and take a large bite of the fish. Or you can just eat the raw herring on a sandwich :)

You must try this when you're in Holland ^^, it doesn't look good but it tastes good!


  1. Je moest een youtube filmpje maken hoe je moest eten xP

  2. hahahaha, doe jij dan =p dan zet ik 't op me blog ja ='P

  3. I've never seen this! is the fish cooked? O__o? it looks raw... lol!

  4. ahww elisa, nu heb ik ook trek in haring T__T ~!
    ghihi, met extra veel ui en augurkk *yummmy* ^__^



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