19 June 2010

Favorite accessory tag

This time its me who is creating a tag ='D. I like to tag people, its just fun because you will get to know that person a little :)

x Take one picture of yourself with one of your favorite accessory and post it on your blog
x In your post, mention the person who gave it to you
x Tag 5 people
x Let these 5 people know that you've tagged them by leaving a comment on their blog

My necklace kept spinning xD couldn't hold it still. I like long necklaces and I like bow ties ~
Ps. Yes, I have freckles, weird huh? Chinese girl with freckles ~ Yes, I hate it x_x"!

I'm tagging:
1. Leenda
2. Ian K
3. Frances
4. Christine
5. Bec

Hope you guys will do it and please let me know when you've done it^^ ! Enjoy the tagging fun =D!


  1. Hi Elisa! Thanks for visiting my blog, I just subscribed to yours; do you think you could subscribe to mine too? :)

    And that's a super cute necklace! Very unique ^^

  2. LOL HAHA.. favourite accessory?! Aw geez this is going to take awhile for me to think one up, since I'm not a chick and all @_@

  3. lol thanks for tagging me! I'll do it soon haha. And cute necklace btw ^^~

  4. @ian; accessory can be everything ~ a hat, a bag, glasses, a cap ..

  5. thanks for comment! super cute necklace there!

  6. Btw i really like Netherland. I love Amsterdam <3 where about in Netherlands do you live?

  7. I'm born and living in Amsterdam ^^, so you've been there =D?

  8. Thanks for tagging me! I am going to do this whenever I have the time! Cute necklace too! It's something I would wear. =]

  9. Haha super cute necklace! o(^_^)o Especially the cute bow on the top! I love accessories :p

  10. That necklace is too cute! :)


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