20 June 2010

Japanese commercials

I really loveeeeeeeeee to watch commercials \^o^/ !! Can you still remember the Heineken commercial? This one is a Dutch commercial by the way. I really had to laugh when I saw this one xD, look at those face expressions of those ppl! hahaha

Yesterday, I found some Japanese commercials and some of them are kinda weird but funny xD. Just wanted to share some of them~

Watch closely~ that dog is turning into a woman xD lol! Do the dance, do the dance!

A potato chips commercial of CALBEE.

My face expression was like this, after watching this commercial: o_O"


  1. Wuahahaha japanse commercials zijn echt geweldig vooral de laatste, moest goed lachen xD

  2. whuahaha, ik dacht echt: huh, wat gaat er gebeure o_O? is 't gewoon sushi xD

  3. haha those commercials are funny (:
    thanks for tagging me in favourite accessory blogpost, i will definitely do a blog about that soon (:

    thanks for visiting my blog!


  4. lol! I remember that Heineken one. The last one I was like...I don't get it until I saw the picture at the end. hahah!


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