05 June 2016

Beautiology101 Korean Drama with Korean Beauty Tips

Beautiology aka Introduction to Beauty School is a brand new Korean short web serie. If you liked Kwebserie Sweet20s, you might like this serie as well. It's about students who are in a Korean Beauty school. Within the drama, beauty tips are given, these are mainly basic tips so if you are new to Korean Beauty you probably will be interested to watch this. This whole drama is sponsored by Innisfree so you will mostly see their products, making you want to try all of their products hahah. I have always been a big Innisfree lover so this drama makes me want to buy all of their stuff lol.

I got to say that a lot of things are not realistic and doesn't make sense, but you just need to put your mind to zero and watch the serie. It's a teenage story but I can't stop watching it hahah, Oh I feel old now lol. They released episode 10 last week and it is unfortunately the last episode. The video below is the first episode and is a playlist so it automatically goes to the next episode from 1 to 10. Luckily it all has English subtitles so everybody is able to understand it. Get some foodies, sit back and watch the cute serie:

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  1. I really loved Sweet 20s and Beautiology 101, can you recommend any similar serie which has beauty tips?


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