27 October 2014

Aveda E-Commerce event - Aveda.nl Webshop

I recently went to the Aveda E-commerce event in Amsterdam where we celebrated the launch of their new webshop: www.aveda.nl. During this event we got to know their latest collection and services that they offer at their salons. Check out the pictures that I took during that day in today's blogpost. It really was a lovely Aveda experience, probably one of the most interesting events where I've been to.

Before we started with the actual event, we had a yoga session to create a pure moment of peace in our mind. It was a lovely session where our mind could rest, where we could just listen to our own breathing and think about the positive sides in life. Try to do this right now while closing your eyes for a few seconds and you will notice that it's quite hard to do it because of your surrounding or other factors. I've always loved yoga since I will get a moment of peace in my mind for a sec and I can just forget about all negative things in life during the session.

During the event they showed me their latest collections and I got to know their services that they normally offer at their salons like a massage, hair & scalp analysis (so I could see what kind of scalp I have and how the current texture is of my hair), a skin analysis (to see which Aveda products would suit my skin type the most), a make up touch up (they did a touch up on my make up and used their latest make up products).

The atmosphere during this event was really peaceful, chill and relaxed. I loved their services and how they really took time to analyze everything on me. I've been using Aveda hair products for a while and I like it. During my hair analysis, they said that I should get their volume shampoo & conditioner to get more volume in my hair (that is one of my hair goals lol), so I purchased it on their webshop. Their webshop is very easy to navigate, everything is easy to find and I like it that they have like an online personal assistant there, where they can advice which products to get according to the hair type and skin type you have. I absolutely loved this event and I hope there will be more and more to come =D. PS. I LOVEEE THEIR TEA! <3


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