02 June 2014

My Life in Pictures - Colorrun, MrProbz, Food Festival

Oh guys… What a week! It was such a busy week, did lots of fun stuff. It feels so good to do some fun stuff in life again and have some nice quality time with my friends. Last week I went to a concert from MrProbz, I went to Rolling Kitchens (Rollende Keukens) which is a food festival in Amsterdam and I also attended the Colorrun this year, the amazing 5km run with lots of colors! Check out the pictures that I took during my busy days. (if you are following me on instagram you've probably seen all the pictures already, if you're not following me there, feel free to follow via KawaiiPeachies.
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It's the first time that I went to Rolling Kitchens (Rollende Keukens) which is a food festival and since I'm a food lover haha, I just had to go there and enjoy the lovely food!! The food was a little bit pricey, yet affordable but they were of good quality. It was crowded, everybody was enjoying their food and some were dancing around since there was a live music band playing. There were lots of choices, from burger to fish to insects omg! Talking about insects.. I tried a fried grasshopper for the first time of my life. And guess what, it tasted pretty good since they added honey and spicy stuff to it. Crunchy yet tasteful haha would you dare to eat it? I also ate some kimbab and The DUTCH weedburger… seaweed burger… SO GOOD OMG!

Last friday I went to Red Bull Studios LIVE at Melkweg in Amsterdam, to see a concert from MrProbz all thanks to ICONICSTUDIOS! Super sweet of them to send vip tickets to me for this exclusive event. My friend and I enjoyed the night with some live music from MrProbz and a few other Dutch singers.  Check out the video that I took below, he was singing his popular song: WAVES there, it has been viewed 16 million times on Youtube already.

Also for the first time in my life I attended a marathon. It's a small one but still a marathon hahaha.. YES I attended the most colorful and funniest run - the COLORRUN! It was our happiest 5 km for sure! If you have the chance to attend it, you gotta do it! The vibe is awesome, the music is nice and the people are all so positive and happy =D. It's just very fun to do and it's all just for fun so nobody is going to check your time or anything. Check out the before and after pictures hahaha.. SO MUCH FUN!

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