03 June 2014

Review: Etude House - AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot

I'm in LOVE with pink powders. It really is a cure for pimples! Last time, I tried the Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder (review here) and it became my holy grail product. However, the Ciracle one dried out in the bottle, so this time I'm trying a pink powder from a different brand: Etude House, which is a lot cheaper, but is it also better? I will share my opinion in today's blogpost.

The pink powder from Etude House is a fast-acting formula that reduces acne/pimples. It contains effective ingredients to soothe, relieve and reduce it. The description is pretty similar to the Ciracle one. For the active ingredients, see picture below:

source: picture from jolse.com 

I purchased this kit at w2beauty.com for $16.34 (link to product). You are also able to purchase it at jolse.combeautynetkorea.com, cosmetic-love.com and at twofacemall.com.

It has a green and yellow plastic packaging which looks a bit like a first aid kit.

The descriptions on the packaging are all Korean so I'm not able to read it.

This kit comes with a Pink Powder Spot 15ml (night time) + Pink Powder Water 15ml (day time) + 30 Q-tips. There are a lot of confusions at forums about this product. People are wondering why there are 2 bottles and how you are able to use it. Well.. I will explain this below.

NOTE: These products will sting on your trouble spots since it contains alcohol.

This bottle is for night time. You are not supposed to shake it. If you accidentally do this, wait for a few minutes until the pink powder sinks to the bottom, you are still able to use it afterwards. Just twist the cap open and dip your q-tip in it until you reach the pink powder. Pat smoothly on your pimple, acne, and/or trouble spots and it will soothe the area. It will dry the area within a few seconds. Don't re-dip a cotton swab in the bottle because of hygienic reasons. Use the other side of your cotton swab or grab a new one and dip it in again if needed. You are supposed to apply it at your last step of your nighttime skincare routine. Rinse it off in the morning.

USAGE ORDER: Cleanser > Toner > Lotion > Cream > Pink Powder Spot 

This product is similar to the Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder. But is it better? I have the feeling that this pink powder contains more alcohol and pink powder than the Ciracle one. Also the Ciracle one dries a bit quicker when its on the face and it somehow cures my pimples faster than this one. I noticed it one day after I applied this. Normally when I use the Ciracle one, the pimple and redness reduced obviously (the difference is huge). However, a day after I apply the Etude House pink powder, the pimple and redness did reduce but the difference is less obvious than the Ciracle one. This product does work, but it just seems to work slightly slower than the Ciracle pink powder.

The spot water is for day time. It is white-translucent, runnier and thinner. This one you do need to shake it thoroughly until the solution is white. When it's white, you can dip your q-tip in it and apply it on your trouble spots. Apply it after your day cream before you apply your make up. So yes, you are able to apply make up afterwards! The formula is not thick like the night time version, it's light so it's easy to apply make up on top of it.

When using the pink powder for night time you will see pink paste, as you can see below. The white version is for day time.

It has a strong scent of alcohol/medicine, but you are not able to smell it when it's on your face, only when you apply it. I don't really mind the scent though, it's just alcohol.

There are 30 q-tips in this kit and it has 2 ends - a sharp end, which you should use for the night time version so that you are able to get the pink powder better i think, and there is a round end for the day time. These are just normal Q-tips though, so just use regular ones when you are done with these.

• it does a great job in healing zits, makes the process a lot faster
• it dries out the pimple quickly
• easy to use and easy to wash off
• this is a lot cheaper compared to the other pink powders in the market
• no breakouts
• product in the bottles doesn't dry out that quickly

• it won't treat acne/pimple scars (but that's also not what they claim, so i'm ok with that)
• it burns on open wounds and sting since it contains alcohol
• the cap gets dirty

It really does a great job in healing zits. It will soothe the trouble area, so it won't be itchy anymore. Yes it does work on me, but like I said before the formula a bit works slower than the Ciracle pink powder but it still works. Great alternative if you think that the Ciracle one is too expensive. I would say, BUY!

disclaimer: this product was bought with my own money, this post contains affiliate links.

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