16 May 2014

Review: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

Hi all ^^! This is actually the first time that I'm writing a review about a perfume. I've been eyeing this for such a long time! I always didn't want to invest so much money on perfume (its so darn expensive), but i just couldn't resist this time. I'm talking about the Daisy Eau so Fresh (Eau de toilette) from Marc Jacobs. The scent is lovely and the packaging is super cute!!! OHHH, Do i need to say more?!

I purchased it at debijenkorf.nl for around €60 (with discount, normally it's €72,50) for a 75ml bottle. It's also available in a 125ml bottle which cost around €85.-. Marc Jacobs released lots of other perfumes with an adorable packaging, check them out here:

It comes in a pink box with daisies on it. The bottle itself is pink as well, has a rectangular shape with curved sides and looks pretty sturdy. The lid is made up of a gold sphere covered in 6 daisies in pink, white and yellow which are made out of a kind of rubber material. It's super adorable, very colorful ^^!

top layer: natural raspberry, grapefruit, pear
mid base: violets, wild rose apple blossom,
dry base: musks, cedarwood, plum

This scent is lovely ^^! The scent is fruity, not too sweet and it's slightly fresh. Don't spray too much though, since it might be too overwhelming if you use 5-6 sprays. I usually use 2-3 sprays and that seems to be ok since the perfume is rather concentrated. I would label this more as a day time scent rather than a night time scent because of the fruity and freshness. It's a girly and slightly mature scent. It fades during the day but you are still able to smell it lightly at the end of the day but re-application is needed.


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